Skytap on Azure – Networking Considerations

Recently, Microsoft’s Adam Stuart, an Azure Networking Specialist, worked with Skytap to put together some Azure Networking considerations regarding how to connect your mainframe and midrange systems to Azure via Skytap on Azure when planning a cloud migration.

These considerations included some best practices when designing your networking especially since many of these systems are unusual to start with, and how Skytap on Azure’s networking differs slightly from your traditional Azure networking topologies.

Adam presented some great perspectives on cost assessment, as well as understanding the existing networking so you can maximize your value when migrating networks to Skytap on Azure and connecting your workloads in the best possible way.

You can watch the video presentation of these Skytap on Azure Network considerations on YouTube via the link below.

Learn more about Skytap on Azure here:

Learn more about Skytap on Azure Networking here:

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