Skytap Team at Agile Dev East in Orlando

Skytap is a Gold Sponsor of the Agile Development East Conference in Orlando, Florida, this week. Drop by Booth 13 in the EXPO hall on the 7th or 8th to discuss how the cloud enables Agile development and see a demo of Skytap Cloud.

On November 7 and 8, our Vice President of Products, Brian White, will be speaking on the following topics:

November 7: Brian will talk about Cloud Computing: Powering the Future of Development and Testing. Developers and testers are under constant pressure to operate more efficiently, cut costs, and deliver on time. Without access to scalable, flexible, and cost-effective computing resources, these challenges are magnified. This session will discuss how to create scalable development and test environments in the cloud, and share best practices for reducing cycle time and decreasing project costs. Attendees will learn how scalable, cloud-based data centers can run software without complicated re-writes; enable rapid defect resolution with snapshots and clones; and provide global collaboration for multiple product and release teams. Brian will present a case study of Cushman & Wakefield, the world’s largest privately held real estate services firm, which struggled with an on-premises development and testing environment. By moving its dev/test infrastructure to the cloud, they reduced provisioning time from days to minutes, doubled the number of projects supported within four months, and improved collaboration among dispersed teams.

November 8: Brian will speak on the topic of Cloud-enabled Software Development: Why Your Agile Development Needs Agile Infrastructure. Participants will learn how they can radically change the way they build, test, and deploy software, almost exclusively using cloud computing. The presentation will also focus on standing up development environments in seconds; accelerating development and test cycles; and enabling true Agile development and DevOps to deliver better software faster.

And later in November, the Skytap team will be exhibiting at the SharePoint Conference 2012 (November 12 to 15) and Gartner Application Architecture Development and Integration Summit (November 27 to 29). Both events take place in Las Vegas.

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