Skytap Team Returns from STARWEST

The Skytap team just returned from STARWEST (Software Testing Analysis & Review West Conference)—the premier software testing conference that showcases the most up-to-date information, tools, and technologies available in the industry today.

Over the course of the event, our team had several conversations with QA managers who expressed an interest in moving QA and development to the cloud. About 50% of the visitors to our booth were looking for more scalability and wanted to talk about everything the cloud offers—agility, flexibility, and increased speed. The other half were interested in finding a cloud solution that would serve as a lab manager replacement. Skytap is especially well-suited to this scenario.

The most cost-effective option for transitioning away from vCenter Lab Manager is typically going to be migrating the existing lab environment to a hybrid or public cloud. It is possible to continue using vCenter Lab Manager indefinitely, but doing so will eventually mean operating your virtual lab on an unsupported platform. Given the potential consequences of operating with an unsupported configuration and the cost of switching to another on-premises virtual lab solution, most organizations will ultimately be better off outsourcing their virtual labs to a cloud service provider.

NEXT MONTH: Skytap will be at the Agile Development Conference East from November 4-9, in Orlando, Florida.

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