Skytap’s Can’t-Miss Action at Learning Solutions 2016

ls16-logoWe’re packing our bags and heading to Orlando this week for Learning Solutions 2016! There is a ton going on at this year’s show, so here are the sessions we’re most looking forward to, where you can find us and our friends, and how to make it an awesome week.

Bill Nye? BILL NYE?
Learning Solutions 2016 is being kicked off on Wednesday by none other than a man of many extraordinary talents—Bill Nye. Bill’s keynote is titled, “Fostering Constant Paths of Curiosity,” and the abstract contains this bit of awesomeness:

In this keynote Bill Nye will take you on a journey of exploration, where you will discover how enabling people to act on their curiosity can tap into natural lifelong learning.

Not that Bill’s going to get up and talk about Skytap, but we preach this same message every day. By giving virtual training designers, instructors, and learners the access to the labs and environments they need to explore, experiment and even fail, you truly do allow for lifelong  learning, and a shorter feedback loop so you can continue to deliver the best.


Measurement Matters: The How and Why of eLearning Metrics
eLearning metrics were on a lot of people’s minds only a few weeks ago at Training 2016, so we’re definitely excited to get Clark Quinn’s take on how to best measure learning impact, as well as some fallacies with the way impact is often measured today. We’ll also be recording a live interview with Clark at the show, so look for that podcast to post soon.

Delivering to the Developing World: A Producer’s Lessons Learned
We’re also really looking forward to meeting and interviewing instructional learning specialist Nina Talley! Nina’s session jumped out at us, as she’ll be diving into the technical challenges of creating engaging virtual training sessions—especially for learners in low-bandwidth areas. We can’t wait to learn Nina’s suggestions around “preparing for and mitigating technical disruptions,” as well as her solutions for building user-friendly designs for learners around the globe.

Our shared Expo space with Blackboard
We just announced our new partnership with Blackboard a couple of weeks ago, so we’re really looking forward to Learning Solutions 2016 where we’ll be side-by-side in the Expo! We’ll be giving brand new, live demos of the new integration between Blackboard Learn and Skytap virtual training labs, so come by to learn how to dynamically provision lab infrastructure on-demand and from within your LMS!

We’re going to be all over Learning Solutions 2016, so definitely follow us on Twitter to keep up with all things awesome at the show, stop by the booth to say hi, and we’ll see you in Orlando!  

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