The Challenges and Rewards of DevOps and Agile Integration

​On the heels of our recent white paper: Accelerate Software Development with DevOps and Hybrid Cloud, I’ve written a bit on the subject of DevOps, Agile, and hybrid cloud.

While integrating software development, QA, and IT Operations enables increased visibility and accelerated software development and deployment, implementing DevOps only serves as a strong first step for enterprises seeking to accelerate software delivery cycles. By concurrently implementing Agile development and combining DevOps with hybrid cloud architecture, the enterprise can dramatically accelerate software development and innovation without the need to allocate additional capital expense resources.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article, The Challenges and Rewards of DevOps and Agile Integration, published on

From the article:

By breaking down barriers between previously siloed, independent teams, DevOps enables a unified approach to enterprise software development, testing, and delivery that reflects the needs of the entire application lifecycle. It strives for more collaborative, productive relationships between development and operations teams, with faster development cycles and reduced production risks. DevOps carries many advantages over traditional development processes, including fewer bugs, faster fixes, and increased visibility.

However, it also presents new challenges. A significant reorganization of personnel is required, and DevOps demands a greater degree of interdepartmental coordination. The agile development model enables the enterprise to produce higher-quality software that is more in tune with user needs and offers swifter release cycles. However, enterprise IT environments are rarely optimized to leverage the software acceleration and innovation advantages of agile release cycles. Not only are traditional development environments slow to provision, but they are difficult to change once created.

Implementing agile development requires a disciplined approach to managing the high amounts of automation involved. Virtualization technology can be used to run all aspects of the enterprise IT environment, allowing organizations to provide the elasticity to scale resources to optimize both agile development and DevOps initiatives.

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