The Dev-Hops Podcast: There’s Only One Original

You know an original when you try it. Here in Seattle, and all over the country, we’ve been searching for just the right ingredients to make each draft of Dev-Hops Podcast, since early 2015 or so. That’s years in Internet terms. No canned material will do.

Accept no substitutes. Insist on Dev-Hops. Only the freshest ideas, and the most robust opinions on modern development and testing, virtualization, beer, and DevOps get poured in.

This is the famous Dev-Hops. From the glass lined offices of Skytap, we tender this premium audio content for your enjoyment as a tribute to your good taste.

Here’s the episode index of Dev-Hops so far:

It’s your time. Dev-Hops time. But each episode takes time. So why not sit back, put on your headphones and get yourself one. Or download all these refreshing flavors now. It’s even legal to listen in your car.

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