There’s no “Serverless for Dummies”

During the past year, buzz around the latest tech du jour — serverless computing — has created a false sense of imminence and urgency for enterprise: embrace serverless now or become antiquated. But it’s time for a reality check. It rarely comes up in my meetings with enterprise IT teams and even serverless evangelists admit the adoption life cycle is only just beginning. Fact is, we’re at least five years away from any tangible adoption by the enterprise, and a number of factors will have to play out before we get there.

In my latest article for Infoworld, I explain:

Today’s conversations about technologies often focus only on the stories of the most eager, cutting-edge innovators—ignoring 95 percent of the rest of the story; that is, the years (if not decades) that technology takes to reach mainstream adoption.

Read more in my Infoworld blog, Candid Cloud.  And if you’re interested in learning how Skytap Cloud can help enable your organization’s own progressive evolution, read our Practitioner’s Guide to Enterprise Application Modernization.

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