Top Four Can’t Miss Events at STARWEST

STARWEST_jpgWith STARWEST only a week away, and there being too much awesomeness on the conference schedule to take in on your own, we’ve gone through and picked the top four goings-on that we think are absolute can’t miss events while you’re in Anaheim.

We eagerly circle the STARWEST dates on the calendar each year, as the show is an international gathering of curious, outspoken, and incredibly talented testers who come to Anaheim to listen, learn, and support the craft of software testing and a dedication to quality.

Skytap’s Top Four Can’t Miss Events at STARWEST 2015


Invite11. Skytap/Parasoft Cocktail Reception at ESPN Zone on Wednesday, September 30th
Okay, okay, so this one’s a little self-promotional, but we really are looking forward to this night, and we hope to see you there! We hosted one of these with Parasoft last year, and it was so great that we’re teaming up again. We’ll keep the appetizers and drinks coming, you just network with your peers, and make sure to stick around for the Apple Watch giveaway for all who register!

2. Allan Wagner’s session on “Testing Applications—For the Cloud and in the Cloud”
We wrote about this one earlier this month after getting the chance to speak with Allan about his session and we’re looking forward to learning more about why he believes that testing in the cloud helps you “take testing to a new level and test with greater efficiency.”

3. Women Who Test: Bonus Day on Friday, October 2nd
Women_Who_Test1Women Who Test is a brand new project for SQE/Techwell’s Alison Wade and was designed to help give women a strong network and opportunities to be inspired by some truly accomplished women in the software/tech industry. Skytap is a proud supporter of increasing the number of women in tech-centric careers—and the recognition they deserve—and we hope you check out Friday’s activities, and help spread the word about this new group! This entire day is even included for free with your conference admission!

4. The Expo!
Definitely not just promoting ourselves here, although we could! I’d put our demo up against anyone’s, but the truth is, STARWEST’s Expo is full of Skytap partners who we—and many conference attendees—are excited to see each year. IBM, Parasoft, Logigear, Checkpoint Technologies, and tapQA are just some of our friends who will be there, but from the booth giveaways, to the annual passport game (where the real prizes come out), the STARWEST Expo is an awesome place to see what’s new in the testing industry. Oh, and the Expo is the only place to pick up free Mickey-shaped ice cream bars and Rice Krispies treats. Just saying.

We really hope to see you in Anaheim! Don’t forget to register for our Wednesday evening cocktail reception, definitely stop by and introduce yourself in the Expo, and most importantly—make the week awesome for you!

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