Use the cloud to make old apps new again

It seems many things once considered old become new again, from 80’s fashion to retro sneakers. Technology is no different. In fact, our partner IBM recently reported growth in mainframes, a market industry pundits have long claimed was nearly extinct. While the first era of cloud computing was all about developing new applications in the cloud, we’re entering a new adoption phase in which enterprises are looking to the cloud for their core, on-premises, and, yes, often old applications.

Of course, gaining cloud agility and scale for traditional applications is dramatically different than building a new application natively in a hyperscale cloud. The process takes time – iterative progress trumps “Big Bang” rewrites every time. This means using cloud services to extend – not replace – key application components and capabilities. Instead of abandoning critical investments made in traditional enterprise applications, Skytap Cloud enables you to preserve, evolve and build on the strengths of your core applications. We give you the foundation for developing and running hybrid applications that combine the best of new cloud services with the most valuable components of your traditional applications. This process creates a direct path to modernizing valuable applications so you’re more agile and better positioned to compete. 

Vintage is the new modern 

Pac-Man is exemplary of the retro craze that has swept across entertainment, fashion, and other areas of popular culture time and again. Simple by today’s gaming standards, the arcade classic is still beloved by fans worldwide. It’s iconic characters are recognized by people of all ages and backgrounds. So, we felt it only right to chart the path to modernizing traditional applications using our own spin on Pac-Man. We also introduced some characters like Docker’s Moby, along the way.

We hope you enjoy charting your own modernization course using the below infographic, which you can also download. As you’ll see, the journey begins by migrating traditional applications to the cloud unchanged, something only Skytap Cloud can do. From there, you can modernize development processes and, as your team evolves, start improving your application architecture with new cloud services. Read our Practitioners Guide to Application Modernization to learn how Skytap Cloud makes what was old new – and improved – again.




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