[Video] SDLC Acceleration: Faster in What Direction?

At the 2014 SDLC Acceleration Summit, Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce.com, led a fantastic discussion panel that asked the question, “Sure, your SDLC is accelerating, but in what direction?” The panel addressed the biggest barriers to SDLC acceleration, how to overcome them, and what the real benefits are to truly delivering better software faster.

This panel consisted of:

  • Kevin Bedell – Director of Architecture, Zipcar
  • Geoffrey Davis – Software SOA QA Engineer, Schwab Technical Services
  • Christine Eliseev – Founder and Managing Partner, QMAT Solutions
  • Charles Griffith – Co-founder, AwayForce Labs
  • Burt Welsh – Software Release Manager, Cisco

We’ve broken up the discussion into the four videos below, and we encourage you to attend next year’s Summit, and those further down the road. Stay informed for future summit dates/locations by visiting the SDLC Acceleration Summit website, or following on Twitter @SDLC_Summit.

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