Virtual Lab – August “Limited Availability” Release Now Live!

The Augist 2008 release of Skytap Virtual Lab went live this morning! A list of feature enhancements present in the August 2008 Release is provided below – thanks for your input and requests, many of them got into this release! -Configuration and Virtual Machine Management 1. Automatic Configuration Timeout Automatically shut down all of the machines in a Configuration by selecting the Automatic Configuration Timeout checkbox. Your Configuration will shut itself down after 30 minutes of idle time. 2. Improved Published Services It’s easier to set up the most common Published Services with a new dropdown box highlighting available options. 3. Improved ease-of-use Options to edit a Virtual Machine’s hardware and network settings are now sited along with your other Virtual Machine controls. -Virtual Machine Sessions 1. VM Desktop Resize Virtual Machines’ Desktops now automatically resize when you resize the VM Session Window. 2. VM Full Screen Mode Virtual Machines can be used in full screen mode to provide a more immersive experience. 3. Hostname Display Hostnames for individual virtual machines are now displayed alongside VM names to help differentiate the machines in your session. 4. Improved performance VNC sessions are now routed through a secure proxy for significantly improved performance. 5. Copy and Paste Windows guests created from new Configurations now support copy and paste from your browser through the Clipboard button. Please see the FAQs in Support for more information on adding this behavior to existing Windows guests. -Library 1. Improved search relevancy Searching in the Library has been improved so that it’s easier to find the content you’re looking for. 2. More Filters Filter content in the Library by hard drive size in order to easily find Virtual Machines with large-enough disk sizes to fit your needs. 3. More labels We have added new labels to help you better categorize your content in the Library. 4. Improved ease-of-use It’s now much easier to merge a configuration in the Library with an already running Configuration. -Asset Management 1. Shared Drive Share data between yourself and other members of your account with the Shared Drive. This network share can be accessed from the Desktop of your Windows guests and through the SMB share \gwshared on Linux guests. 2. Asset Upload without Java You can now upload assets from your physical hardware or your VM guests without installing Java.

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