Virtual Lab – May ‘Limited Availability’ Release Now Live!

Today we upgraded our production environment to the May ‘Limited Availability’ Release! We have made broad improvements across our product to make it easier, more reliable, more secure and even faster to use.

Here’s a list of enhancements included in the May Release:

Virtual Machines

1. CD Loader: Load a CD into your Virtual Machines in order to easily install software.


1. Quotas: Quotas for your account can now be viewed directly from the Dashboard, along with current usage information.

2. Storage Quota: Depicts current storage usage, including Assets and Configurations.

3. CPU Cores: Depicts number of running CPU cores, which can be calculated by the sum of CPU cores used by all of your running Virtual Machines.

The Lab

1. List/Tiles Views: Toggle between a list of your running Configurations and a tile view in order to more easily find the Configuration you’re looking for.

2. Suspend/Delete/Shut Down from Lab page: Perform common operations on your Configurations without leaving the Lab page.


1. Easier to find: Assets are now a top-level tab in Virtual Lab, making them easier to find.

2. Upload in the background: The Asset Uploader now opens in a new window, enabling you to upload large files while working on other tasks.


1. Master/Details View: The Library has been completely redesigned. It now features a master/details view to let you easily drill down into our Configuration Library and view details of each Configuration without leaving the main Library area.

2. Configuration Filtering: Filter through Configurations by Favorites, Project Configurations and Private Configurations, along with Language and Vendor in order to find what you’re looking for even faster.

3. Explore Virtual Machines: Find a specific Virtual Machine you’re looking for, instead of wading through our list of multi-machine Configurations.

Interactive Help

1. Overview: Interactive Help (launched from the Dashboard) provides you with an intuitive, easy-to-understand tool to help you learn how to accomplish common tasks across Virtual Lab without having to read documentation.

2. Upload an Asset: Learn how to easily upload assets and use them from your Virtual Machines.

3. Start and Snapshot a Configuration: Learn how to create a new Configuration of Virtual Machines, add new machines to the Configuration, and Snapshot your changes so that you and your coworkers can use it later.

4. Published Services: Learn how to add a Published Service to your Virtual Machines so that you can easily access them via HTTP, RDP or any other TCP/IP protocol.

Current Issues & Limitations

1.Do not run DHCP or DNS services in your configurations as this will conflict with the Virtual Lab software.

2.Some versions of Windows 2003 may experience problems connecting to the Skytap Asset Browser from the Desktop link. Please disable enhanced security or install an alternate browser and browse directly in order to use this feature.

We hope you enjoy the release – let us know what you think! 

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