Virtual Lab – November Release Now Live!

The November 2008 release of Skytap Virtual Lab went live today! A list of major enhancements present in the November release is provided below. As always, thanks for your continued input and feedback on the product!

Configuration Management

One-Click Snapshots: Configurations can now be snapshotted with a single click. You no longer need to suspend or shut down your configuration in advance to snapshot your virtual machines.

Snapshot Partial Configuration: Want to snapshot a subset of a configuration? You can now pick and choose which virtual machines will be included in your snapshots.

Power Off Button: You can now forcibly shut off a configuration or virtual machine, much like pulling the power cord from a physical computer, with the “Power Off” button. Additionally, we have modified the behavior of the existing Shutdown button to try to shut down your virtual machine through the pre-installed VMware Tools only.


Remote Shared Drive/FTP: Remotely access your shared drive account via FTP in order to more simply manage the files your virtual machines can access.

Public Assets: Looking for software on Virtual Lab? We now offer a public assets area where you can find common software: browsers, tools, debugging aids and more.


Project Improvements: You can now determine the visibility or scope of assets, templates and configurations to determine which projects the items belong to. Additionally, projects now feature an improved layout and a list of all project members.

User Experience

Site Rebranding: Incorporate your logo and company name into Skytap Virtual Lab in order to better provide training, demo, sales, proof of concept and lab capabilities to your users and customers.

New Visual Design and Improved Usability: Virtual Lab’s user interface has been overhauled to simplify common operations, consolidate all actions that can be performed on each page, and reduce the number of clicks necessary to accomplish tasks. Virtual Lab now features a toolbar across the top of every page where you will always be able to find page-wide controls.

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