Virtual Lab – September Release Now Live!

The September 2008 release of Skytap Virtual Lab went live today! A list of feature enhancements present in the September release is provided below – thanks for your continued input on the product!

Publish VM URLs

Create universally accessible desktops on demand by publishing access URLs for virtual machines you choose, while securing the VMs with a password if desired. Additionally, you can even manage all of the published desktops from a single console, observing your users’ actions as they progress.

Clipboard Improvements

Copy and pasting data to and from Skytap Virtual Lab virtual machines is now entirely seamless. Copy data to your computer’s clipboard, open a Virtual Lab VM, and paste the text right in.

Skytap Virtual Machine Hour Quotas and Reporting

Receive enhanced up-to-the-moment information on your current use of SVM hours over the course of the current billing cycle.

Usage Reporting

Usage reporting will provide you with detailed information on when, how and where your Virtual Lab capacity is being used. You can even export results to Microsoft Excel to manage more detailed data analysis.

Web Services/APIs

We now feature a full web services stack to give you programmatic control over the most common features in the Virtual Lab platform. Create rich client applications to programmatically drive your virtual machines, develop rich reporting systems, and more.


Connect your Virtual Lab VM configurations to your company’s Microsoft or Cisco PPTP VPN server in order to provide secure connections from your virtual machines to your internal corporate network.

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