VM Import Azure Blob Storage with Skytap

Importing virtual machines (VMs) and logical partitions (LPARs) into Skytap is a key use case with customers importing hundreds of VMs each week. Moving VMs from on-premises into Skytap is an easy four step process: 

High Level VM Import Process


We are excited to announce that we have enhanced the VM import to use Azure Blob Storage as the data source. You can now move your VM exports to a blob storage container of your choice in any Azure storage account under your control. You can either upload them directly to the storage container or use Azure Data Box to move the files.

Once your import files are available in your storage account, login to your Skytap account and create a new VM Import job and select Azure Blob Storage as your data source. You will need to capture the connection string to your Azure storage account and the name of the storage container where the VM import files reside. 

The import job needs a name for your new environment, the destination region, the Azure connection string to your storage account, the Azure container name, and optionally the MD5 hash value.

After you have uploaded your files to your Azure storage account and you have created the Import Job, just click Create environment. 

The duration of the import job is dependent on the number of VMs and the size of each VM. Status of the import will be displayed in the Skytap portal. Once the import job is complete, you can go to your new environment and start up your VMs.

More information on exporting and importing VMs is available in our help documentation.

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