VMworld: Expanding our Collective Vision

​The Skytap team is looking forward to VMworld in San Francisco. That’s actually a bit of an understatement. Not only is it a great opportunity for education, collaboration, and networking with other professionals working in cloud computing, it’s a chance to catch up and talk about the industry with associates and colleagues we may only work with remotely.

The event kicks off August 26 and runs through August 30. It will be five days of events, sessions, and programs that address the landscape of cloud computing and the technology that surrounds it. You can see all of the session and exhibit opportunities on the VMworld site.

I talked to our VP of Marketing and Business Development, Brett Goodwin, about the value he gets out of the event:

What do you look forward to most about VMworld?

I really enjoy the energy and creativity. It’s a great event that brings together all of the thought leading people and companies at the forefront of cloud computing. I’m also really looking forward to the keynotes each day.

In addition to learning about new technology, what do you think the value is for attendees?

The whole experience sparks ideas, creativity, and expands a collective vision about what is possible.

What do you think the impact of VMworld is on our industry?

I think the event is a great annual catalyst. It pushes companies and people to come up with that next big innovation – the next big idea – that helps to move everyone forward.

Skytap will be at booth 525. Drop by and visit us to chat about your experience at the conference or to watch us spin up a virtual environment using Skytap Cloud in fewer than 60 seconds.

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