Voices of Skytap

At Skytap, we’re laser-focused on providing technology that makes our customers’ more  productive. We’re committed to ensuring that IT teams can keep up with the fast-evolving demands of business. It’s a world of cloud and apps and environments. But behind all the tech are real people making it happen. Though we know the diverse talent within Skytap, our offices, it’s exciting to see smart and reputable third-parties recognize a few of the individuals doing exceptional work for our company. Check out three of our team members who’ve recently made headlines in the Seattle tech community.

Jill Domanico: Seattle Business Daring Women

Brave. Bold. Vulnerable. Words that describe a new era of tech leaders, and ur very own Chief People Officer, Jill Domanico. Jill is core to our culture  — an advocate for all employees, and an empathetic executive who checks fear at the door. Which is why it was no surprise when Seattle Business Magazine chose to profile her in their “Daring Women” series.

“I try to take small bits and pieces from everyone I meet — because everyone has a story and a past and insights and aspirations. There’s so much to be learned from the people around us; you just have to take the time to listen and be attentive.”

Raksha Balasubramanyam: GeekWire Geek of the Week

Our VP of client engagement and services delivery, Raksha Balasubramanyam, was recently named GeekWire’s “Geek of the Week.” She talked about her childhood travels, growing up in a family of engineers, and how her passion for painting relates to her work in client services.

“To be good at what you do and continue to grow, you have to look forward to it every day. If you’re not in a work space you love, chart a path for yourself so you’re able to get to it.”

Karri Alexion-Tiernan: Women in Tech Show

Our VP of Product Marketing, Karri Alexion-Tiernan, brings deep technical expertise, strong understanding of customer pain points, and a commitment to mentorship to work each day. Karri recently sat down with “The Women in Tech Show” podcast to discuss tips for managers, how to instill confidence in your teams, and why being a product marketer like being an “interpreter.”

“Part of that early stage of your career is learning how to fail, learning how to succeed, and learning how to articulate that and help others along the way.”

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