Can DevOps Turn IT into a Strategic Weapon?

Development, IT Operations, and business stakeholders who have teamed up to build a strong DevOps culture may be wondering if there is room to take things to the next level. Is it possible to use the DevOps methodology to build a competitive advantage? Damon Edwards of says yes.

Yesterday, Damon produced an interesting piece called: Use DevOps to Turn IT into a Strategic Weapon. In it, he explains the current focus within the DevOps community, the business realities that exist as obstacles, and how DevOps can transform IT Operations into a strategic edge.

From the blog:

“This inward emphasis is understandable considering that DevOps is a movement started by technologists and is a relatively easy sell to other technologists — breaking down silos, smoothing handoffs, baking in quality, rapid feedback, automating the hell out of everything — all messages that stand on their own merits.

But if we stop our DevOps evangelism at the boundaries of the IT organization, we are also missing the most valuable return on our DevOps investments. Why? Because the lessons and principles of DevOps can unlock something that is increasingly rare for today’s companies. DevOps can turn your IT Operations into a sustainable competitive advantage for your company. This is the DevOps message [that] needs to be spread throughout the business end of your company, right up to the CEO and the Board of Directors.”

Read the full blog at Use DevOps to Turn IT into a Strategic Weapon.

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