Webinar On-Demand: The Software Virtualization Lifecycle

​A top focus for application development today is on acceleration, but faster is not always equal to better. The bigger challenge is to improve both the speed and quality of software releases. 

Orasi, one of our close partners, recently presented a webinar titled, “Software Virtualization Technology. This webinar addressed combining service virtualization technology with cloud-based dev/test environments in order to:

  • Develop and test in production equivalent environments
  • Empower teams to develop faster through self-service access
  • Improve software quality through increased test coverage

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The webinar was well attended and some great questions came in during the Q&A period, including:

  1. Can a Skytap environment connect back to an existing on-premise system?
  2. How easy is it to deploy virtual services to the SkyTap environment?
  3. Are there any limitations on what type of environment you can define in Skytap, can it use any OS?
  4. Can HPSV learn a service from a PCap file?
  5. Can service virtualization be shared if you have more than one Skytap environment, or does each Skytap environment need its own SV copy?
  6. What are the limitations on performance testing a virtual service?

We invite you to view this webinar, now available on-demand, and we encourage you to attend any of our future webinars in person, down the road!

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