Webinar Recap: Achieve Continuous Integration/Delivery with HP, Jenkins, and Skytap

​In today’s hyper-competitive markets, businesses must constantly strive to develop, test, and release better software faster. One of the best ways we’ve found to make this difficult task possible is by embracing “continuity”—one of the decade’s fastest growing buzzwords. This means continuous testing, integration, and delivery. 

This past Tuesday, we hosted a webinar with Orasi Software, one of our incredible partners, to help attendees understand how they can continuously deliver higher quality software by embracing a number of technologies that work really well together inside each of our products. By utilizing the power of HP Application Lifecycle Management, Jenkins CI, and Skytap, enterprises improve both quality and velocity—and ultimately gain a considerable advantage over the competition.

At the close of the webinar, a Q&A session was held with Skytap solution architect Tony Perez and Orasi solution architect Jean Suplick. Some great questions were asked by the audience, and covered topics like:

  • Can Skytap and Orasi also work with Microsoft Team Foundation Server?
  • Can these scenarios be extended to user acceptance testing?
  • What if we’re using AWS infrastructure for production?
  • How can we integrate our secure on-premise resources with Skytap?

Additional questions were asked that related more to Orasi’s expertise and were answered really well by Jean.

If you weren’t able to attend Tuesday’s webinar, please feel free to watch it in its entirety in the recording below, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or subscribe to our blog to find out when our next webinars are being held!

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