We’re partnering with Avanade to help IBM Power users unlock the benefits of Azure

Migrating to the cloud can be a daunting challenge for businesses worldwide that rely on IBM Power applications. The thought of re-platforming or re-architecting legacy applications for the cloud can be enough to stop a cloud initiative in its tracks. And many organizations that rely on business-critical apps running on IBM hardware have been challenged by migrating those applications to the cloud.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Avanade to help such businesses more easily migrate out of the data center and continue their digital transformation initiatives. Combining the Skytap platform and Avanade’s unrivaled experience in the Azure ecosystem gives organizations a better way to migrate even the most complex legacy applications to the cloud quickly, easily, and affordably. Together we’re helping clients to maximize cloud value by simplifying both migration and modernization.

Avanade’s unsurpassed Microsoft and Azure expertise will help organizations maximize the benefits of migrating traditional applications to the cloud, implementing modern software development practices, and integrating new technologies and capabilities with their legacy applications.

Through this collaboration, the route to cloud and its benefits becomes simpler:

Enable agile development – Legacy data centers and applications don’t often lend themselves to modern software development practices and rapid iteration. Migration to the cloud allows companies to move faster and become more adaptable. With Skytap and Avanade, enterprises can bring new innovation to legacy, business-critical IBM applications.

Reduce cost and CAPEX – Moving workloads to the cloud can significantly reduce hardware acquisition and maintenance costs. Organizations can lower or eliminate CAPEX for AS/400, AIX, and legacy iSeries and pSeries while ensuring that applications run on the most up-to-date hardware. Pay-as-you-go pricing can help to reduce overall infrastructure costs at a time when agility and elasticity have never been more important.

Support digital transformation – Migrating applications to the cloud opens a multitude of options for organizations to become more flexible and innovative. Once your applications are in Skytap, Avanade can help you modernize them to take advantage of advanced Azure features like AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Increase speed to market – Migrating to the cloud allows enterprises to speed up development cycles and decrease time to market. Skytap and Avanade can help you take advantage of modern practices and capabilities such as DevOps, CI/CD, and increased automation and cloud optimization to make your business nimbler and more responsive to customer needs.

Get more Robust Disaster Recovery – Restrictions on movement thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic make disaster recovery more complicated. Enterprises need to rethink their disaster recovery plans when employees may not be able to visit physical locations. Skytap provides cloud-based disaster recovery solutions that provide flexibility and ensure business continuity.

To learn more about this partnership and Avanade and Skytap’s solution for migrating IBM Power workloads to Azure, contact us directly or visit Avanade.

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