Why should you care about application modernization?

Your organization must modernize the applications you depend on to adapt, change, and succeed in your market. Why? Let’s discuss in plain terms.

The cloud industry is full of jargon – words and acronyms specific to a given technology that attempt to describe it simply, but often confuse the issue. While Skytap is not immune to this phenomenon, we want to help cut through the clutter.

Our goal is to help customers evolve their most important applications so they can stay ahead of customer demands that are increasingly immediate and variable. Skytap Cloud makes the software that runs businesses more adaptable and easier to manage. These applications can take advantage of new technology without discarding what made the business successful in the first place. Agility improves and inefficiency is eliminated. This is application modernization – safely and progressively improving older applications that businesses rely on today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

If you’re a CIO, IT operations or application development leader, an enterprise architect, or any role responsible for determining technology that will advance your business, you should care about application modernization. Any business more than five years old has applications that can be improved by modern technology and processes. Most importantly, application modernization delivers tangible and recurring benefits that add to your bottom line.

We recently surveyed our customers and found they are realizing significant positive results through application modernization. You can see many of these benefits in the infographic below.

Download the Application Modernization infographic.

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