Commvault scales with Skytap Virtual IT Labs


Facing high demand from sales engineers and staffed with a lean sales enablement team, Commvault needed to find a way to provide hundreds of high-quality product demos per week as well as support virtual sales enablement labs at large-scale seller training events.


By using Skytap Virtual IT Labs, Commvault can support its sales engineers’ high demand for sales demos and POCs, as well as large-scale seller training events, with easy-to-scale, cost-efficient environment templates no matter where users are in the world.

About Commvault

Commvault liberates business and IT professionals to do amazing things with their data by ensuring the fundamental integrity of their business. Its industry-leading Intelligent Data Services Platform empowers these professionals to store, protect, optimize and use their data, wherever it lives. Delivering the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility to customers, its Intelligent Data Services Platform is available as software subscription, an integrated appliance, partner-managed, and software as a service—a critical differentiator in the market. For 25 years, more than 100,000 organizations have relied on Commvault, and today, Metallic is accelerating customer adoption to modernize their environments as they look to SaaS for the future. Driven by its values—Connect, Inspire, Care, and Deliver—Commvault employs more than 2,800 highly-skilled individuals around the world.

Commvault’s Challenge

As a global software provider, Commvault recognizes product demonstrations and training as critical components of its sales and customer engagement models. Today, Commvault’s sales engineering team has over 300 members with each member conducting multiple product demos per week. And while this team is large, the internal team tasked with supporting its virtual training labs is lean and challenged with meeting requirements in an efficient manner. In addition to the high volume of required weekly product demos, Commvault also had the need to support virtual labs for large-scale training events for its sellers. 

Recognizing training and product demos as a critical component of its sales enablement and customer engagement model, Commvault sought a virtual IT lab solution that would: 

  • Standardize delivery of product demos globally
  • Efficiently deliver seller training at a global scale
  • Offer a best-in-class training experience for trainees
  • Support large-scale training events with minimal set up time and resources

Skytap’s Solution

Commvault selected Skytap Virtual IT Labs to power its virtual seller training and customer product demonstration needs. With Skytap’s Course Manager functionality, Commvault can efficiently provision and track hundreds of sales demos globally each week. To make the process efficient, Commvault leverages standardized templates and environment cloning to standardize efforts across multiple regions. These templates are regularly updated by the Commvault virtual IT labs content team to support desired demo consistency. 

Commvault also uses Skytap’s cost-controlling features such as auto-suspend and clean up to help it support global training and demo needs in a cost efficient manner. The Skytap Virtual IT Labs solution also supports Commvault’s need for tracking key performance indicators such as cost per demo and opportunity win rate comparisons between demos and non-demo prospecting engagement with its integration to Commvault’s Salesforce instance.

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