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Hargis needed to quickly implement a cost-effective, off-premise disaster recovery solution for work it provides to hundreds of high profile, global clients.


The firm migrated its entire complex application to the cloud, as is, in less than 30 days. By avoiding CapEx and downtime, Hargis achieved an estimated cost savings of $700,000 per year and the assurance of being able to meet client expectations in the event of an outage.

Hargis Engineers is a mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, security, and energy consulting engineering firm with hundreds of high profile, global clients including Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, and Target. Hargis selected Skytap as part of its business continuity plan to provide a simple, reliable, and cost-effective disaster recovery solution for its mission-critical applications.

As a leading consulting engineering firm, Hargis serves numerous clients worldwide to provide professional services responsive to its clients’ diverse operating environments on a local, enterprise, and global level. Its clients expect the highest quality of service, which relies on around the clock availability of its IT resources. While Hargis has never experienced a significant outage, the firm knew it needed to have a disaster recovery solution in place to prevent downtime in the face of a major disaster and to satisfy its customers’ requirements.

Hargis Engineers’ Challenge

As part of a modernization initiative, Hargis needed to implement an off-premise and cost-effective disaster recovery solution under an aggressive deadline. Given the critical nature of the work the firm provides its clients, the risk of downtime in the event of an IT outage was unacceptable. In addition to maintaining customer satisfaction, Hargis estimated that each day of downtime would cost the company $70,000. In case of a severe disaster, the firm could experience up to two weeks of downtime, which would cost approximately $700,000.

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