Mitratech transforms sales demos with Skytap Virtual IT Labs


To better serve its sales consultants and to stay ahead of the competition, Mitratech sought a tool to help conduct multiple customized sales demonstrations per day and deliver personalized customer experiences.


By using Skytap Virtual IT Labs, Mitratech can support high demand for sales demos and POCs with standardized templates and easy-to-configure customizations for each potential customer.

About Mitratech

Mitratech is a global technology partner for corporate legal departments, risk and compliance teams, and HR professionals seeking to raise productivity, control expense, and mitigate risk by deepening organizational alignment, increasing visibility, and spurring collaboration across the enterprise. Mitratech partners with customers to design, develop, deliver and support legal, risk management, and HR software solutions.

Mitratech’s Challenge

During the global pandemic, Mitratech began conducting sales demonstrations virtually rather than in-person. The company was previously using a demo software that was highly customizable, but at the same time, was challenging to upgrade and create sandbox environments for potential customers. The software was also difficult to tailor to each salesperson and did not have a functioning base template with standardized data and configurations.

Mitratech needed a way to provide salespeople with the tools they needed to conduct multiple sales demos per day and be able to quickly customize for each potential customer to deliver a highly personalized experience. Recognizing the requirements, it needed to better serve its sales consultants and stay ahead of the competition, Mitratech determined it needed a virtual training lab solution that:

  • Makes it simple for salespeople to customize their demos for each potential customer
  • Efficiently delivers demo and sandbox environments for a growing salesforce and customer base
  • Offers a best-in-class experience for both internal and external users
  • Supports the growing importance of remote environments for customer and partner trials

Whichever solution Mitratech picked, it wanted to modernize IT infrastructure, bolster global availability, improve scalability, reduce the internal resource strains on IT staffing and overhead as well as save money on capital expenditure.

Skytap Solution

Mitratech addressed potential customer and salesperson requirements with Skytap Virtual IT Labs quickly, implementing the new sales demo and POC environment within four months. With Skytap functionality, Mitratech’s non-technical sales consultants can efficiently provision and customize numerous sales demos and sandbox environments each week. Using Skytap Virtual IT Labs, companies like Mitratech can leverage standardized templates and environment cloning to unify efforts across multiple regions. Teams can even regularly update templates to best support desired demo consistency.

Business Outcomes

Mitratech was able to deliver “a more cohesive demonstration environment” that sales consultants could create on their own, according to Mitratech’s Senior Director of Technical Sales, Ken Wilson. Skytap enabled Wilson’s team to train and properly equip salespeople, pre-sales engineers and technical consultants with the knowledge they needed to evangelize Mitratech to customers.

With Skytap, Mitratech has the functionality to:

  • Create a standardized template environment with the product and sample data
  • Build personalized sandbox environments for potential customers in less than 24 hours
  • Develop multiple user personas within the environment

In addition to using Skytap for sales demos and POC environments, Mitratech also uses it to create environments for its software partners’ engineering teams to develop against Mitratech software. This helps partners conduct product testing and ensure their technology integrates seamlessly with that of Mitratech. As Wilson puts it, “there’s never been any question as to whether or not Skytap has been delivering and getting our value out of it.”

“Skytap provided support behind the scenes to make sure our environment was up and running and we could spin multiple environments up from any location rather than being dependent on IT systems or a single data center.”

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