Multinational oil and gas company migrates legacy JD Edwards to Azure


Facing a data center exit as part of its broader cloud strategy and cost reduction initiatives, a multinational oil and gas company looked to migrate mission-critical J.D. Edwards-based IBM i (AS/400) workloads to the cloud.


By working with Skytap, the company successfully migrated business-critical J.D. Edwards applications to Azure, eliminating data center costs while gaining cloud scalability.

This multinational oil and gas company has operations in exploration and extraction, refining, distribution, power generation and renewable energy.

The Company’s Challenge

A multinational oil and gas company had adopted a cloud-first strategy to streamline operations, reduce costs and modernize application development and deployment. As part of this company-wide digital transformation effort, it had already moved a significant portion of its IT resources to Microsoft Azure over the course of several years. Its goal in doing so was to eliminate data center management overhead across its international data centers. 

The company was now interested in a migration path for its legacy J.D. Edwards-based applications currently running on IBM Power hardware (IBM i, AS/400) on-premises. Because these applications were business-critical and supported 5,000 users across 18 countries, the corporation sought a simple, low-risk path to Azure with little to no business disruption. It also wanted to keep re-architecting to a minimum given its long-term application roadmap and the solution needed to maintain an RPO of under 30 minutes and comply with SOX and PII regulations.

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Skytap on Azure

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