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While Quest had historically supported its training needs with an internal product, that product was facing end of life and the training group was tasked with finding a new solution.  


To address these issues, Quest selected Skytap Virtual IT Labs to support training and sales enablement needs for its employees, partners and customers before the company’s internal solution was sunsetted. Today, the Skytap solution effectively and efficiently supports Quest’s need to deliver training classes and bootcamps and efficiently land new customers with POCs, virtual trials and demos.

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To address these issues, Quest selected Skytap Virtual IT Labs to support its training needs for its employees, partners and customers before the company’s internal solution was sunsetted. 

With Skytap, Quest can easily create and support training environments and sharing portals to enable distribution to external audiences, regardless of where they are in the world. Skytap also supports Quest’s need to control access and design via templates and environments, saving users time and resources.

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The environment Skytap provides delivers training in an efficient manner through automation with API-enabled business processes. Skytap Virtual IT Labs also supports Quest’s virtual trials which can be accessed via the company’s website, making it easy for potential customers to self-educate. 

Skytap is critical for allowing our customers to try out products or perform a POC when creating their own test lab is not possible (resources, time restraints, etc.).”

–Strategic Systems Architect, Quest

Skytap also supports Quest’s need to efficiently and effectively support training among an increasing number of remote users. With the Skytap Virtual IT Labs solution, Quest was in a position to immediately support additional utilization and equipped to support virtual customer trials and POCs to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its business units when the pandemic accelerated this demand. “As early adopters of this technology, we were already positioned to be able to accommodate the pandemic accelerated shift to remote,” notes Quest Engineering Operations Manager Michal Simek.


Quest Lab Operations uses Skytap Virtual IT Labs to support training delivery for a large volume of POCs, training classes, bootcamps and virtual trials. When asked about Quest’s experience with Skytap, Quest describes Skytap as an extension of its team. “Skytap Support has been on top of any issues that we’ve reported and able to address our requests. Overall, our experience with the Skytap team has been great,” states Quest Systems Engineering Advisor Praveen Kumar Reddy Kona.    

Since the company began using Skytap to support virtual trials and POCs, Quest has leveraged the solution to successfully land several large enterprise customers. In addition to being able to effectively deliver the required training and sales enablement services, the Skytap solution improved Quest’s training efficiency as the solution substantially reduced the time required to prepare for training events thanks to Skytap’s automation capabilities. Quest also reduced the time required to create a training environment, apply a training schedule and communicate the environment details to the user, optimizing the experience for both the trainer and trainee, for remote or in-person coursework.

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