Migrate IBM Power to Microsoft Azure with Skytap

Migrate entire IBM Power data center environments, including applications, data, and networking configurations, in as little as a few hours without rewriting or refactoring.

It is possible to run your IBM Power on Microsoft Azure.

Logos of x86, i Business, and AIXZ apps running in the cloud.Your traditional applications running on IBM Power Systems are likely still stuck in the data center, making it difficult for you to take full advantage of the flexibility and powerful capabilities available in the cloud. With Skytap, your traditional workloads—AIX, IBM i, Linux on IBM Power, and x86—can run natively in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Once workloads are running in Skytap, core cloud infrastructure capabilities including capacity on-demand, self-service provisioning, and high availability make applications more broadly available, scalable, and resilient to unplanned downtime. With Skytap on Azure, you won’t need to maintain hardware to host your business-critical applications. And with Azure, developers can leverage the benefits of the cloud faster and innovate across traditional applications sooner through integration with Azure’s industry-leading services.

Fast and flexible

Move at your own pace. Start with small workloads and migrate at the best pace for your business. With Skytap, you are able to move your traditional IBM Power workloads without rewriting or refactoring, helping you maximize your cloud investments and avoid the capital expenditures needed to keep your workloads on-premises.
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Azure native

Transform your traditional workloads by moving them to Azure and integrating them with others already running natively in Azure. Once your data is in Skytap, enhance it and extract more value using Azure advanced analytics, AI/ML, Azure SQL, and more. And, be able to close the latency gap between your data center and Azure native solutions.
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Proven partner

Since 2006, Skytap has helped hundreds of companies move their traditional IBM Power and x86 workloads to the cloud. Skytap on Azure is a collaborative solution designed with Microsoft to help IBM Power customers move to the cloud and enhance traditional applications. And, Skytap works with IBM Power ecosystem partners for migration, tools, monitoring, and HA/DR solutions.
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