New Skytap Cloud Template Empowers Enterprise Development and Test Teams to Deploy Cloud Foundry v2

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – VMworld 2013 – August 28, 2013Skytap Inc., the leading provider of self-service application development environments in the cloud, today announced a new pre-configured template for Cloud Foundry v2 that allows enterprise development and test teams to deploy Cloud Foundry v2 environments within Skytap Cloud in less than 30 seconds. Unveiled at VMworld 2013, the solution includes a Cloud Foundry v2 node and client, and is pre-configured with a working Cloud Foundry v2 environment, a running application, the Cloud Foundry v2 command line, and the newly released Cloud Foundry v2 Eclipse IDE. VMworld 2013 conference attendees are invited to visit Skytap at booth #431 for a live product demonstration.

In June 2013, Cloud Foundry discontinued its ‘free beta phase,’ or version 1, forcing customers to migrate existing applications to v2. However, current Cloud Foundry users will not have their applications automatically migrated to the new v2 platform, and non-migrated applications will be deleted. The new template provides on-demand access to multiple personal, network-isolated Cloud Foundry v2 environments in Skytap Cloud, empowering customers with a quick and easy solution for developing and migrating applications to Cloud Foundry v2. The solution also allows customers to deploy new Cloud Foundry v2 environments without the need for costly infrastructure investments or system upgrades.

The new template comes pre-configured with everything enterprise teams need to get started with

  • Cloud Foundry v2, including: A Cloud Foundry v2 node pre-configured with:
    • The Cloud Foundry v2 command line interface (CLI)
    • Defined organization, spaces, and domain
    • A running application
  • A Cloud Foundry v2 client virtual machine (VM) with:
    • Cloud Foundry v2 CLI installed
    • A sample application that has been pre-configured for a successful “push” to the Cloud Foundry v2 node
    • An instance of the Eclipse IDE including the Spring Tool Suite plugin
    • The Cloud Foundry v2 IDE plugin

“Enterprise development and test teams are racing to learn the new version of Cloud Foundry,” said Brian White, vice president of products at Skytap. “The new Cloud Foundry v2 template enables customers to learn, develop and test Cloud Foundry v2 applications within secure, flexible and scalable Skytap Cloud environments.”

The new solution enables enterprise users to instantly deploy Cloud Foundry v2 environments while taking advantage of numerous Skytap Cloud benefits. For example, Cloud Foundry environments running in Skytap Cloud are instantly shareable for developer and QA collaboration, can be built-out to include complex, multi-machine self-scaling environments connecting to internal systems via VPN, and can be instantly saved as reusable on-demand templates. Cloud Foundry environments can easily be scaled up and down on-demand via the Skytap web interface or REST-based API. Customers can also easily export their entire Cloud Foundry environment from Skytap Cloud to run in their own on-premise enterprise data center.

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