Skytap Introduces a Continuous Delivery Solution for Enterprise Applications, Built on UrbanCode

Seattle, WA – June 1, 2014Skytap, the leading provider of on-demand Environments as a Service, today announced a joint offering with IBM UrbanCode Deploy,  enabling dev/test teams to fully automate the deployment pipeline for complex applications and meet increasing enterprise demands for continuous delivery. The offering enables enterprises to overcome the biggest challenge in the adoption of continuous delivery—deploying applications to consistent and predictable environments.

Efficient software development and delivery drives competitive advantage and requires enterprises to release new products and features faster, more often, and with better quality and reliability. Enterprises achieving continuous delivery have a critical edge in this race as they can rapidly, reliably, and repeatedly push out software enhancements to customers at low risk and cost. Software can then be rapidly adapted based on user feedback, shifts in the market, and changes in business strategy.

“Automated build pipeline processes ensure that teams focus holistically on the practice of building software.” wrote Sean Kenefick, research director at Gartner. “Maintaining an automated pipeline requires discipline and commitment, but the rewards include reducing deployment risks, increasing time to market and producing higher-quality software.” [1]

“The adoption of continuous integration and deployment is a high priority for enterprises, however it is easier said than done,” said Brian White, vice president of products at Skytap. “Automation of the delivery pipeline along with agile practices increases the flow of features into the pipeline, but the pipeline itself is constrained by a small number of static and typically contaminated test environments. The combination of Skytap and IBM UrbanCode Deploy enables the repeated deployment of applications to consistent and clean environments overcoming one of the biggest obstacles hindering increased velocity. At the end of the day, enterprises can accelerate their delivery and drive more value for the business.”

Utilizing IBM UrbanCode Deploy within Skytap Cloud offers development and testing teams an easy and cost-effective solution for continuous delivery. Enterprises can now fully automate their deployment pipeline, including unit, functional and performance testing, and provision even the most complex enterprise applications in hours versus days. Skytap enables multiple environments to be available to the development and quality management teams to allow parallel development and testing to occur to dramatically increase the throughput and velocity. This can be fully automated with the Skytap Automation Pack for IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

“The combination of IBM UrbanCode Deploy and Skytap solutions drives rapid software delivery by enabling early and often testing” said Dan Berg, IBM Distinguished Engineer. “Skytap’s Environments as a Service solves a key technical challenge of repeatable and reliable test environment setup for application deployments managed by IBM UrbanCode Deploy.”

Skytap customers can download the Ready for IBM Rational validated Skytap for UrbanCode Deploy Automation Pack from the Skytap library. To learn more about how Skytap is helping enterprises build better software faster, please visit

[1] Gartner, Create a Build Pipeline as a First Step to Continuous Delivery, Sean Kenefick, March 18, 2014.

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