Skytap Delivers New Cloud Datacenter in Toronto, Canada

February 18, 2016 – SEATTLE, Wash. – Skytap, Inc., the innovator in cloud services for application modernization, announces a new datacenter in Toronto, Canada, the first of its kind.

“For the past several years, we have seen a steady stream of companies and other organizations expressing interest in a Skytap cloud region in Canada,” said Paul Farrall, VP of IT operations, Skytap. “We decided to move forward with plans for a Canadian datacenter in Fall 2015 and are very pleased that we were able to design and bring the Toronto datacenter online so quickly.”

The new Skytap datacenter, titled “CAN-Toronto,” is available now for managing complete application environments used for software delivery, development, testing and training workloads.

Benefits to customers include:

  • The first cloud purpose-built to support software development, test and training workloads in the area, ahead of major Cloud service providers such as AWS and Azure,
  • The ability to rapidly clone and move entire working environments between Toronto and any other global Skytap datacenter, while being able to securely VPN into on-premises systems within the customer’s own datacenter,
  • IT control and visibility over global cloud resources and costs, while maintaining quotas for usage by project or region,
  • Better performance and lower latency for end users located in Canada who may have a higher bandwidth Internet connection to the Toronto datacenter than other US or international datacenters, and
  • The ability to manage applications and data that should be physically located within the borders of Canada throughout their lifecycle for compliance or data sovereignty reasons.

“The recent acceleration by Canadian organizations to empower their employees with 3rd Platform capabilities will lead to a surge in demand for SaaS-based and PaaS-based enterprise applications. The public cloud infrastructure is critical to organizations that are seeking to achieve economies of scale, optimize IT projects, and deploy enterprise software with a high degree of flexibility and scalability,” said IDC analyst Utsav Arora.

The Toronto datacenter, Skytap’s seventh, increases Skytap’s global cloud footprint, following the 2015 addition of datacenters in Sydney, Australia (AUS-Sydney), Dallas, Texas (US-Central), and London, England (EMEA-UK). The new datacenter was delivered atop infrastructure from partner IBM SoftLayer within a 3-week schedule.

About Skytap, Inc.

Skytap is a public cloud provider that extends enterprise Cloud and DevOps strategies to traditional on-premises applications. Skytap uniquely supports application modernization with production-ready development, software testing and training environments that work the same way as an on-premises data center. Skytap packages servers, VMs, networks, data and configurations into environments that can be provisioned, cloned, suspended and shared around the world with a single click. To try Skytap and learn more, visit

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