Skytap Introduces Virtual Private Platform-as-a-Service Offering Featuring Cloud Foundry Integration

​SEATTLE, Wash. – August 22, 2012Skytap Inc., the leading provider of self-service cloud automation solutions, today announced the availability of a Virtual Private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, featuring the ability to spin up pre-configured multi-VM Cloud Foundry environments in Skytap Cloud in fewer than 60 seconds. With this release, IT and development teams can have instant, on-demand access to a secure, self-contained, network-isolated Cloud Foundry environment to experiment, develop, and test next generation applications. Complete Cloud Foundry environments running in Skytap Cloud are instantly shareable for creative collaboration; can be built-out to include complex, multi-machine self-scaling environments and can be instantly saved as re-usable templates. Cloud Foundry environments can easily be scaled up and down on-demand via the Skytap web interface or REST-based API. Customers can also easily export their entire Cloud Foundry environment from Skytap Cloud to run it in their own on-premise enterprise data center.

The Virtual Private PaaS offering is packaged into a freely available template in Skytap Cloud, which can be spun-up into a complete Cloud Foundry development stack coupled with a client development workstation running an Eclipse IDE and plug-in for Cloud Foundry. By using the broad range of leading development languages, frameworks, and technologies included with Cloud Foundry, and running on the secure Skytap Cloud platform, enterprises gain a simple, fast, and secure way to develop and test next-generation applications. Skytap will be unveiling the new Virtual Private PaaS offering at VMworld on August 27-29 in San Francisco. Conference attendees are invited to visit Skytap at booth #525 for a live product demonstration.

“With large and growing vendor investment in PaaS, the market is on the cusp of several years of strategic growth, leading to innovation and likely breakthroughs in technology and business use of all of cloud computing,” said Yefim Natis, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “Users and vendors of enterprise IT software solutions that are not yet engaged with PaaS must begin building expertise in PaaS or face tough challenges from competitors in the coming years.”

Skytap’s virtual private PaaS solution enables enterprise users to instantly deploy Cloud Foundry environments while taking advantage of numerous Skytap Cloud benefits, including:

Development & Test Teams

  • Spin up complete, self-contained virtual private PaaS environments in under 60 seconds
  • Gain full root level, log-in access to all machines in the Cloud Foundry environment, with full configurability to customize extensions or additional services
  • Access Cloud Foundry environments in Skytap Cloud remotely, from any browser or RDP-capable device, via Skytap SmartClient™
  • Share and collaborate in Cloud Foundry with distributed teams of application architects, developers, testers, and product managers using published, single-click URLs
  • Stamp out multiple copies of complex, multi-machine Cloud Foundry environments
  • Save Cloud Foundry projects as new templates to capture the entire state of the environment including memory, network settings, operating systems, and memory states
  • Scale up and down resources, including CPU, memory, storage, and networks on-demand

IT Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

  • Empower development teams to easily create and clone complete Cloud Foundry environments while allowing IT professionals to seamlessly migrate these workloads back to on-premise infrastructure at any time
  • Enforce network isolation for advanced test-bed environments and control application access for approved, internal enterprise users
  • Maintain complete IT control and visibility of Cloud Foundry environments in Skytap Cloud, including the ability to assign roles and access privileges by user, set usage quotas, receive automated notifications, and analyze automated reports

“Our customer’s development and test teams are under immense pressure to deliver high quality software on time and budget,” said Brian White, vice president of products and Skytap. “With the new Cloud Foundry template, we’re eliminating the resource burdens and setup time required for teams to install, configure and deploy Cloud Foundry. The solution enables customers to quickly launch complete Cloud Foundry environments and validate this technology for their future development needs without exposing their internal applications to the Internet.”

Skytap also announced new hybrid cloud capabilities that extend support for enterprises running VMware. New features include running VMware ESXi on Skytap and a VM import/export REST-based API. For more information, visit

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