Skytap Signs on With OpenStack Foundation as a Corporate Sponsor

SEATTLE, Wash. — October 22, 2015 – Skytap, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand Environments as a Service (EaaS), today announced its corporate sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation, which has emerged as a leading software framework for the creation of scalable clouds. Skytap’s support of OpenStack technology simplifies the integration of hosted dev/test environments with OpenStack-based, production environments. The technology combination expands the capabilities Skytap customers will have to automate software deployment, version infrastructure-as-code, and modernize applications using OpenStack cloud services.

“Skytap has a long tradition of supporting dev/test environments for applications destined to run on-premises on a VMWare technology stack,” said Brian White, VP Products at Skytap. “By sponsoring the OpenStack Foundation and integrating OpenStack capabilities into our products, Skytap brings the same level of support for applications destined to run on OpenStack. This is important for businesses deploying OpenStack and automating their development lifecycle.”

Skytap enables enterprises to accelerate software development for existing, business critical applications through production-like Environments-as-a-Service. While there is a trend in the market to build new applications in the cloud, complex multi-tier enterprise applications typically have dependencies on underlying operating systems, hardware configurations, and network topologies that make these applications difficult to move entirely to a public cloud.

Skytap has seen firsthand how these challenges result in enterprises continuing to run production applications on-premises. OpenStack is fast becoming the de-facto standard for companies who want to take advantage of the cloud, but require production to remain on-premises. Skytap’s integration with OpenStack will initially enable OpenStack Nova and Neutron API compatibility, and ultimately the integration of many services. Skytap will also support the OpenStack HOT infrastructure-as-code standard to seamlessly move environments between Skytap and on-premises OpenStack deployments.

“Our customers are looking for a common API to automate their development lifecycles from continuous integration through production. They want to apply the same tooling and automation throughout their development lifecycle, wherever it resides,” said Brad Schick, Skytap CTO and VP of Engineering. “By incorporating OpenStack technologies into our products and contributing back to the OpenStack community, we help our customers create applications and processes that opportunistically take advantage of the cloud.”

“Skytap’s corporate sponsorship is a testament to the ongoing growth and maturity of the OpenStack community,” said Heidi Bretz, director of business development at the OpenStack Foundation. “We look forward to the unique contributions they will bring to the community in advancing cloud innovation and in the software development lifecycle through their expertise and industry relationships.”

Skytap customers interested in experimenting with resources in an OpenStack environment can instantly develop an OpenStack DevStack environment from Skytap’s Template Library by visiting:

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