Skytap Takes the Stage with Amazon, Google, and RightScale in Live Cloud Demo at Interop

SEATTLE, Wash. – May 15, 2009 – Skytap, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based virtual lab solutions, today announced its participation at several Interop events including the Enterprise Cloud Summit, Cloud Camp and sponsorship of a “Cocktails in the Cloud” reception.

“This year will be a turning point for cloud computing at Interop, with more education and focus than we’ve seen in previous years,” said Ian Knox, director of product marketing at Skytap. “The advancement of new technologies like cloud computing is greatlt aided by conferences like Interop which are dedicated to helping attendees learn as much about the technology as possible over the course of a few days. Skytap is playing an integral role in Interop this year, providing hands-on learning and open discussions for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the cloud at the conference.”

CloudCamp @ Interop

Monday, May 18th
Mandalay Bay Hotel

CloudCamp is an unconference where early adapters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. With the rapid change occurring in the industry, we need a place we can meet to share our experiences, challenges and solutions. At CloudCamp, you are encouraged you to share your thoughts in several open discussions, as we strive for the advancement of Cloud Computing. End users, IT professionals and vendors are all encouraged to participate. To register, visit

Enterprise Cloud Summit @ Interop

Tuesday, May 19th
On Stage Demo

Skytap will be on stage with Amazon, Google, RightScale, SOASTA and 10Gen for live demos of ‘real world’ cloud computing scenarios and interoperability. Skytap will be demonstrating agile software development and testing in the cloud using a common reference application. The application, based on the Panda open source project, lets users upload and label video content that is then transcoded into a variety of formats, akin to a Twitter application with video. For more information, visit

“Lots to Love, Less to Use: How Enterprise Can Embrace the Cloud”

Wednesday, May 20th
Interop Cloud Computing Track

Skytap CTO, John Janakiraman, will be participating in this panel discussion moderated by cloud pundit John Willis. While on-demand promises pay-as-you-go economics, built-in reliability, and a reduction in operational costs, the reality is that while there’s lots to love about clouds, using them means rewriting many legacy applications. And many companies are unlikely to take that step. So how can enterprises embrace cloud platforms for the mission-critical apps they rely on? This panel of cloud software companies look at how to embrace the cloud without rewriting the business.

“Cocktails in the Cloud” Reception – Hosted by Skytap and RightScale

Tuesday, May 19th
Mandalay Bay Hotel
MIX Lounge, 64th Floork at how to embrace the cloud without rewriting the business

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