Zettaset Selects Skytap Cloud to Accelerate Software Development and Test by 200%

​MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 8, 2013 Zettaset, the leader in secure Big Data management, today announced that the company has selected Skytap, a leading provider of self-service application development environments in the cloud, to deploy large Hadoop environments in Skytap Cloud for accelerated product development and testing. Specifically, Skytap empowers Zettaset with on-demand Hadoop cluster infrastructure, enabling the elastic scalability required to develop and test its Orchestrator software solutions across large, multi-node Hadoop clusters.

Before Skytap, Zettaset originally deployed its own on-premises VMware infrastructure. However, with rapid company growth it became clear that continuing to build out more capacity was not sustainable or cost-effective. As a result, Zettaset turned to Skytap Cloud to provide scalable, on-demand infrastructure for collaborative development and test environments, and to support a geographically dispersed sales team with product demonstration infrastructure. Zettaset also utilized Skytap Cloud support templates, which did not require engineering support to integrate existing VMware assets and workflows into Skytap Cloud.

Zettaset has achieved numerous benefits since moving development, test workloads, and demo environments to Skytap Cloud, including:

  • Utilized the Skytap Cloud API to automate testing processes, eliminated 90 percent of the manual steps previously required, and accelerated the software test cycle by 200 percent
  • Scalability of Skytap Cloud allowed Zettaset to quickly expand test environments from three- or four-node clusters, to 50-node clusters and higher
  • Network Address Translation enabled Zettaset to easily create multiple parallel development and testing environments without dealing with the networking issues that commonly occur in shared networks across hybrid cloud architectures

Using Skytap, Zettaset development and test teams can better meet market demand for expanded features and functionality in the company’s Orchestrator software. And Zettaset sales teams now have greater flexibility to demonstrate Orchestrator’s automated installation, management, security, and high-availability benefits to customers and partners using Skytap’s cloud infrastructure.

“We needed a better solution to maintain the pace of product development and at the same time meet customer demand for demonstrating our Orchestrator cluster management solution,” said Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset. “By implementing Skytap, we’ve immediately seen the benefits of more rapid provisioning, massive scalability and a simplified distributed computing environment.”

“Skytap Cloud is ideal for helping companies like Zettaset develop and test their software in scalable and complex environments, like Hadoop, without the constraints associated with fixed, on-premises infrastructure,” said Brian White, vice president of products at Skytap. “Skytap has enabled Zettaset, and over 250 other customers, to build better software faster.”

For more information on Zettaset Orchestrator, please visit http://www.zettaset.com/platform.php. For more on Zettaset’s implementation of Skytap Cloud, visit: http://www.skytap.com/downloads/case-studies/skytap_casestudy_zettaset.pdf.

About Zettaset, Inc.

Zettaset, the leader in secure Big Data management, automates, accelerates, and simplifies Hadoop cluster deployment for the enterprise.  Zettaset Orchestrator™ is the only Big Data management solution designed to address enterprise requirements for security, high availability, manageability and scalability in a distributed computing environment.  Orchestrator helps organizations move Hadoop more efficiently from pilot into production, replacing open source management with a more robust approach that easily fits into existing enterprise security and policy frameworks.  Zettaset Orchestrator provides comprehensive fail-over for all critical cluster services, facilitates integration with the most widely adopted ETL and analytics applications, and is compatible with the leading Hadoop distributions.

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