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Lift and Shift AIX to the Cloud

Skytap’s AIX On-Demand Instances is the first and only cloud solution that enables IT to rapidly migrate, develop, and deploy AIX workloads running on Power Systems side-by-side with Linux and Windows workloads running on x86 architecture.

Built on Skytap’s proprietary cloning technology, AIX On-Demand Instances enables end-users to templatize, clone, and provision their own blended environments in seconds, while IT maintains access controls and governs usage.

Provide Immediate Self-Service Access to AIX Instances

In just seconds, end-users can provision their own AIX environment from IT-managed templates. IT controls user access permissions and govern usage.

Develop and Deploy Blended Workloads Faster

Development and test teams can accelerate end-to-end testing times by eliminating environment contention and constraints.

Accelerate Innovation of Dependent Applications

Enterprises can remove development bottlenecks and increase efficiencies for delivering applications dependent on traditional workloads.

How it Works

One: Export your AIX

Easily export AIX LPARs from your current environment.

Two: Import into Skytap

AIX environments are created using the same import processes as x86 VMs.

Three: Create environment

Combine as many x 86 VMs, Power LPARs, and networks as needed.

Four: Save as a template

Save your environment as a template for provisioning in seconds.

Five: Clone and share

Copy your environment, then use a secure URL to share with other stakeholders.

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If you’d like early access to AIX On-Demand Instances, Skytap’s beta program opens in the second quarter of 2017. You can request access here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skytap’s AIX On-Demand Instances is the first and only cloud solution that enables IT to rapidly migrate, develop, and deploy AIX workloads running on Power Systems and Linux, Windows, and Solaris running on x86 architechture in stand-alone or blended, self-service environments.
AIX On-Demand Instances should be used by enterprises who will benefit from migrating AIX workloads to the cloud and the ability to test blended workloads from end-to-end. Enterprises who rely on AIX applications for critical business functions and have struggled to move these workloads into the cloud can benefit immediately from the ability to lift and shift AIX workloads directly into the cloud using AIX On-Demand Instances.
Typical on-premises AIX workloads include mission critical applications and systems of record. These applications may include:

● ERP: Traditional SAP with the exception of Hana, which only runs on PowerLinux.

● Database: Oracle, DB2, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (Sybase), etc

● Messaging: MQ

● Web: WebSphere

● Big Data and Analytics: Hadoop (PowerLinux only)

AIX On-Demand Instances will be available in beta starting Q2 of 2017. To request beta access, please visit
Skytap customers using AIX On-Demand Instances will be metered and billed separately for Power LPARs and x86 VMs.
Skytap will provide a script that enables customers to export AIX LPARs from their current environments. Using Skytap AIX On-Demand Instances, customers can import AIX LPARs directly into Skytap and then create environments and environment templates using these workloads.
Skytap will run POWER8 hardware in its data centers to support AIX On-Demand Instances.
AIX On-Demand Instances is the first and only cloud solution that supports AIX workloads in blended environments, while hosting providers offer simple access to AIX instances. Unlike other AIX hosting providers, Skytap’s AIX On-Demand Instances allows businesses to develop and deploy Power/AIX workloads side by side with both traditional x86 applications and modern technologies like containers.
IBM Bluemix POWER8 bare metal servers are built on IBM OpenPOWER and only support Linux workloads. AIX On-Demand Instances run on IBM POWER8 scale-out servers.
Skytap has seven global data centers throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Skytap also partners with IBM to make any Softlayer data center available to Skytap customers. AIX On-Demand instance will be available in all Skytap Cloud regions.
Yes. Skytap will work closely with individual customers to support their need for private regions supporting AIX On-Demand Instances. To learn more, please contact your account manager or email
AIX On-Demand Instances supports AIX 7.1 and AIX 7.2.
There is no separate license fee; AIX licensing is bundled into the cost of a customer’s AIX instance. Skytap customers are required to license any software they choose to run within their own AIX instance.
No. AIX On-Demand does not support Linux or IBM i on IBM Power Systems at this time.
Skytap AIX and blended environments using AIX On-Demand Instances are created using the same processes as traditional x86 environments. Skytap users can create environments from a public library of Skytap templates or upload their own VMs and LPARs into an environment. Environments can have as many VMs, LPARs, and networks as needed. For a step by step guide to environment creation, please visit Skytap’s help and documentation.
Yes. Skytap customers can manage both x86 and Power/AIX workloads in Skytap using AIX On-Demand Instances.
Yes. While any AIX workload can be moved into Skytap, restrictions exist on total number of processors, total amount of memory, and total amount of storage.
The amount of time it takes customers to move AIX applications into Skytap environments depends upon the size of the customer’s AIX instance. This process can be completed in a self-service fashion leveraging the Skytap VM Import process.
Yes. AIX On-Demand Instances enable end-users to create, clone, provision, and share their own AIX and blended environments. Using Skytap’s proprietary cloning technology, users can create new environments from a template library or clone an environment running in any state in just two clicks and a matter of seconds.
Skytap enables end-user to self-provision AIX (and other) environments in just two clicks and a matter of seconds. Users can also clone environments and share them with other users via a simple URL. When users no longer need an environment, they can simply delete it or save it as a template for future use.
Yes. Some PowerVM features are not supported in Skytap AIX On-Demand Instances including:

● Customizable CloudInit
● LPAR Affinity
● Processor Compatibility: Skytap AIX On-Demand instances will not run in native mode
(POWER8) and will not support setting processor compatibility to lower releases
● Hyper-threading Configuration
● NUMA Configuration
● Guaranteed IOPS
● Active Memory Expansion
● Active Memory Sharing
● Active Memory Deduplication
● Dynamic Addition of Resources: CPUs, Memory, etc.

Yes. Some Skytap features are not supported by AIX On-Demand instances, including:

● Suspend of VMs and Environments: This is dependent on the PowerVM system.
● Container Host and Containers: Docker is not supported on AIX.
● VM Agent: Docker is not supported on AIX.
● Smart RDP: Access will be supported by SmartClient, SSH, or Telnet.
● Networking Promiscuous Mode
● Copy to Region: As Skytap adds support for AIX On-Demand Instances, Copy to Region will be enabled for customers.

No. Due to a limitation in the PowerVM system, suspend and auto suspend are not supported by AIX On-Demand Instances.
No. Due to a limitation in the PowerVM system, MAC addresses will not be configurable in AIX On-Demand Instances.
Workload partitions are a feature of AIX. AIX On-Demand Instances does not provide native support for WPARs. Skytap customers may configure and manage WPARs running within their AIX On-Demand Instances.
Skytap administrators can set usage limits for AIX environment consumption at the user, department, and account level. For a complete guide on monitoring and administering Skytap usage, please view the Administrator guide on Skytap’s help and documentation.
Very little. For current Skytap customers, there is no difference between managing AIX LPARs using AIX On-Demand Instances and managing x86 VMs. New customers will find Skytap’s management interface intuitive and easy to use.
Yes. Skytap AIX On-Demand Instances supports a specific class of production applications. To discuss the requirements of your AIX application, please contact Skytap product management via your Skytap account executive.
Skytap is committed to enabling customers to understand and utilize the controls in place to maintain security and adhere to regulations. Skytap understands that each customer has unique business requirements and regulations, and Skytap works closely with each customer to ensure they are compliant. For more information about audits, reporting, security, and regulatory compliance, please contact your Skytap account executive.
Webinar: The AIX Cloud Journey

Sixty percent of enterprise AIX users plan to maintain or increase their AIX footprint in 2017.
Skytap’s AIX On-Demand Instances will help these enterprises apply modern development practices and technologies to their AIX applications.

Join Skytap and IBM in this webinar to discuss:

1. The importance of AIX in today’s enterprise
2. How AIX dependencies affect cloud strategy
3. Introducing AIX On-Demand Instances

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Skytap will release documentation for AIX On-Demand Instances upon general availability.
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