Unlock Cloud Power and Possibility for SAP® NetWeaver® Workloads

Migrate on-premise SAP Workloads on IBM AIX natively in Azure with Skytap

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Run SAP NetWeaver Workloads Natively in Azure with Skytap

  • Skytap offers a streamlined migration path to Azure for SAP NetWeaver workloads
  • Migrate SAP NetWeaver workloads regardless of operating system and without rewriting or refactoring
  • Migrate SAP NetWeaver workloads for production, disaster recovery, backup and archival, and application development and testing
  • “Lift and shift” SAP NetWeaver workloads to Azure for a variety of use cases

Business drivers for migrating SAP workloads to Azure via Skytap include:

  • Business Continuity: migrate SAP NetWeaver workloads requiring cloud backup and disaster recovery
  • Regulation and Compliance: maintain legacy SAP NetWeaver workloads in read-only state on Azure
  • IBM Power Data Center exit: migrate SAP NetWeaver workloads as a complementary solution to consolidate all AIX workloads on AIX or IBM i SAP HANA®
  • Modernization of Business Processes:
  1. Move SAP NetWeaver workloads to Skytap on Azure enabling them to interoperate with SAP HANA workloads or other Business Applications running on Azure
  2. Move SAP NetWeaver workloads to Skytap on Azure enabling them to more easily transition to SAP HANA

With Skytap’s existing integrations to Azure, there are now more options for organizations to streamline the migration of their workloads to Azure via Skytap and take advantage of its flexibility, cost savings and security.

– Eric Lockard, Microsoft Corporate Vice President | Azure Dedicated

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