Cloud-Enabled DevOps

DevOps provides organizations with the ability to release more code with higher quality than ever before. Skytap’s public cloud enables organizations to remove environment availability and management bottlenecks so teams can achieve even better results. The key to doing this is Skytap’s self-service provisioning of production-like environments. Unlock DevOps’ full potential with Skytap’s Environments-as-a-Service.

Self-Service, On-Demand Environments

Many organizations attempt to build one-click, self-service environments by buying multiple tools and using vendor-specific scripting. Skytap delivers self-service environments out of the box along with additional features to enhance DevOps best practices, including:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Powerful REST API and pre-built integration points with existing DevOps tooling
  • Full-stack or partial-stack deployments
  • User quotas to prevent environment sprawl
  • Template-based approach and environment cloning ensure zero configuration drift

Skytap Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise environments are complex and consist of a mix of technologies. Skytap’s hybrid cloud allows x86 systems to be virtualized into the Skytap cloud while non-virtualizable systems remain on premises. Skytap’s hybrid cloud approach is enabled by:

  • IPsec site-to-site VPN connectivity to ensure secure communications
  • Direct connect availability for extra security when needed
  • VPN NAT, allowing for multiple copies of a Skytap environment to be connected to on-premises systems at the same time

Integration with Existing Toolchains

Skytap complements DevOps toolchains by making them faster and more production-like. By adding Skytap’s Environments-as-a-Service to their existing toolchain, customers:

  • Increase agile velocity by reducing environment buildouts to a few minutes with Skytap’s template-based approach
  • Continue to use infrastructure-as-code tooling to build recipe caches
  • Build faster and more often with integrations to Microsoft TFS, Jenkins, IBM Rational Team Concert, and IBM UrbanCode Build
  • Provision complex, production-like cloud environments with simple Vagrant commands
  • Practice deployments into production environment replicas down to the IP and MAC addresses with Skytap integrations into CA Release Automation and IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Full-Stack Environment Replication

With Skytap, developers and testers gain end-to-end, production-like environments that enable them to:

  • Collaborate on defect triage by easily sharing environments using Skytap Projects and Sharing Portals
  • Develop and test against actual production configuration sets with Skytap’s environment cloning
  • Eliminate configuration drift since each environment is copied all the way down to the IP and MAC addresses

Key Features

Implementing DevOps programs is hard, but achieving single-click, self-service, production-like environments doesn’t have to be. The Skytap cloud has everything you need to increase the value gained on your DevOps journey.

Use one of the many Skytap integrations or make your own with the RESTful API

Hybrid Cloud
Connect to systems that must remain on premises

Enable users to create the environments they need without waiting

Environment Templates
Capture, version, and share complex environments with all or a subset of account users

Use network address translation to enable hybrid cloud without the configuration drift

Copy complex environments with their state using two mouse clicks

Integrate with your existing business processes and tooling

Don’t pay for cloud resources when they aren’t being used