Managing Dev/Test Environments with Ansible Dynamic Inventory for Skytap

We are pleased to announce our latest open-source release – a Dynamic Ansible Inventory for use with Skytap Environments. Ansible is commonly used by DevOps teams to coordinate configuration changes for hosts over SSH (for Linux/Unix machines) or Powershell remoting (Windows). Ansible’s simple approach and ease of integration with existing infrastructure make it an attractive utility

LogiGear Provides Early Look at Better Test Design & Skytap Partnership

Skytap thrives on partnering with our friends in the software development and testing community who share a passion for both disrupting and modernizing software delivery. Last week at STARWEST, I got to learn about the incredible team at LogiGear, how they’re tackling one of the biggest challenges in software testing today, and why the new

The DevHops Podcast Episode 6: DevOps Practices for Systems of Record

It’s time for another episode of the DevHops Podcast! While at the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit—check out our recap of the entire show—Skytap DevOps consulting manager Kelly Looney and I recorded this episode with Accenture agile and DevOps lead Mirco Hering. Mirco was giving his “Adopting DevOps Practices for Systems of Record” session later in

The DevHops Podcast Episode 7: Digital Transformation with CA

This week we sit down with Justin Vaughan-Brown, CA Technologies’ Global Digital Transformation Lead and Jason English, Skytap Galactic Head of Product Marketing to discuss digital transformation in the enterprise. What has led enterprises to make this transformation, what role do DevOps and agile play, and what are the benefits of modernization initiatives? We discuss all

Continuous Delivery Decision Points: Getting Software Safely into Production

Consulting manager Kelly Looney is speaking this week at DevOps Days Detroit. We sat down with him to learn more about his session, and the evolving focus of DevOps that he and others have spotted. Noel: You’ve said that DevOps is evolving from focusing on build automation to full-on continuous delivery. What’s causing that evolution?

Gene Kim and Others Share What DevOps is Really “All About”

Skytap was in full force at Electric Cloud’s second annual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) last week—in the Expo, recording podcasts with the show’s amazing speakers, and sitting in on every keynote and track session possible. Our goal was to get a better grasp on how DevOps is being defined (a hundred different ways), how DevOps

Technical Series Kickoff: Scaling Modern Software Delivery

Chapter 1: How I Learned to Love Environment Proliferation Chapter 2: Continuous Delivery Decision Points: Getting Software Safely into Production Chapter 3: DevOps Practices for Systems of Record (Podcast) Chapter 4: Is Agile a Prerequisite for Beginning DevOps Initiatives? Chapter 5: Tipping the DevOps Scale: An Interview with Gary Gruver Chapter 6: What’s in Your DevOps Toolchain? Chapter 7: Evaluating

The DevHops Podcast Ep. 3: How to Test for Enterprise Mobility

Lydia Casillas from Sky I.T. Group joins us for our third episode to discuss the challenges of testing mobile apps and the mobile web to ensure security, usability, and powerful “enterprise mobility.” We also review beers from Stone, Freemont, and Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.! Tap In! Noel: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Skytap

DevOps Gains Soar During NYSE “Configuration Issue”

The temporary suspension of trading on the NYSE this last week made me think of May 6, 2010, the day of the infamous “Flash Crash” in which US equity markets went into an inconceivable tailspin. I was working at the New York Stock Exchange at the time and distinctly remember the speculation as to what

Skytap Panel Appearance and More at UK’s Cloud World Forum

Cloud World Forum is EMEA’s largest cloud and DevOps expo and Skytap is proud to sponsor and participate in a number of exciting talks and activities throughout the week! With the recent opening of our London office, appearing at Cloud World Forum was an absolute must and we cannot wait for the show to begin.

“Automate Everything” Challenged in Recent Article

In the last year, we’ve gotten much closer to a universally agreed upon definition of DevOps—and that’s a good thing. Confusion around the term sometimes resulted in even greater distrust between devs and ops, and those in testing, QA, or security wondered what their part is in this growing “must” for startups all the way

Will the Age of DevOps Impact Your Career? (Video)

With more companies “doing” DevOps everyday, what impact will this have on the expectations for developers and IT Operations job applicants to possess when making a career move—or even to simply stay relevant in their current roles? Check out this recording of this week’s webinar with Intellyx analyst Jason Bloomberg, and Skytap VP of operations