On-Demand Environments and Data – Stay Ahead of the Competition

This piece was written by Tom Pryce at Grid-Tools. Grid-Tools is a TAP partner of Skytap and we’re joining them on July 14th to present, “Testing is No Longer Constrained by Environments and Data.” Join us, or look out for an on-demand recording to follow! In the “Age of the Customer”, every organization is a

Shrinking the Innovation Inequality Gap

People used to talk all the time about “million dollar ideas” and how all it took was having one innovative idea for a product and you could be set for life. Maybe that was true at some time in the past, but today, an idea alone is worth very little. What’s worth a million dollars

The DevHops Podcast Ep. 2: Tales from the Journey to DevOps

  Welcome to the second episode of the DevHops Podcast! This week we’re speaking with analyst Mike Kavis, and Skytap Galactic Head of product marketing Jason English. Let’s get started—we hope you enjoy the show! Noel:  Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of the Skytap DevHops podcast. This is the show where ideas about enterprise software

The Agile Application Delivery Trio

Join us on June 10th at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific as we team up with Orasi and Delphix to present, “The Agile Application Delivery Trio: Testing, Data and Environments.” For one thing, there are no silver bullets, and simply equipping development and test teams in the cloud with more infrastructure may generate initial gains, but without

Environments-as-a-Service “Essential” for Enterprise Dev & Test

DevOps may still be in relative infancy, and current DevOps definitions may vary wildly, but one thing that all agree is essential to its success is automating manual steps throughout the SDLC that fail to add business value or software quality. We’ve been working with analyst Jason Bloomberg to help us paint a picture of

Customer Advisory Board Reveals Virtual Training Wins in the Cloud

Throughout the year, we host a series of Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, where we invite customers from Skytap’s varied use cases in order to not just give and take feedback from our customers, but so they can also provide it their peers in their respective industries. Today we’re speaking with Director of Product Management

Skytap Whiteboard: Resolving SDLC Constraints with EaaS

Welcome to the Skytap Whiteboard series, where bold new ideas are sketched out — almost as fast as we make them into reality! Today’s episode, just under 6 minutes, is from our own George Stamos, giving you the quick scoop on how the “drift” between dev/test environments and conflicts over the few remaining available lab resources is

Consumerization at its Finest: Virtual, Self-Paced Training

Chalk up another win for Consumerization — and for anyone who has welcomed it into their business. Global access and full control over self-paced training isn’t the way of the future anymore. It’s here right now, and it’s what businesses expect out of learning programs. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really. We are in the consumerization