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Migrate entire IBM Power estates, including applications, data, and networking configurations to the cloud without rewriting or refactoring using Skytap on Azure.

AIX On Azure

AIX is an IBM UNIX-based operating system. It is an open, standards-based UNIX operating system. An operating system is the collection of programs that make a computer perform. Keep reading to learn more about AIX and how it’s possible to migrate and run AIX on Azure with Skytap.

The UNIX operating system was developed in the 1960s and resulted from a collaborative project resulting in the UNIX operating system that has since undergone constant development. UNIX provides a stable, multi-tasking, multi-user operating system for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and servers. Although it was released in 1986, the IBM AIX operating system is still widely used by enterprises globally today because it is secure, scalable, and reliable.

Advancements in technology include the popularity of cloud computing. The cloud refers to a global network of servers, with each server fulfilling a unique function. While the cloud does refer to a network of physical servers, it is not a physical entity. It is a vast global network of remote servers interconnecting to operate as a single ecosystem. Enterprise IT strategies today include cloud computing primarily because the cloud offers more agility and scalability compared to on-premise data centers. However, most enterprise companies still run critical business operations on AIX, making it imperative to find a path to the cloud for AIX workloads. Finding AIX on cloud hosting solutions, such as AIX on Azure, is essential for companies today because housing applications in traditional data centers has limitations.

In contrast, operating in the cloud offers flexible, powerful capabilities. Skytap allows companies to run and migrate IBM Power AIX natively in Azure. With easy migration, companies can migrate AIX “as-is” to the public cloud (Azure or IBM Cloud) via Skytap. Traditional workloads on AIX can be moved to Azure using Skytap, a trusted AIX cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider. Azure from Microsoft Cloud Services Microsoft Azure is the leading hyperscale cloud provider for enterprises. iEnterprise may choose to run only in the cloud or using a hybrid cloud strategy. A hybrid cloud offers a mixed computing environment. Azure can run applications using a combination of storage, computing applications, and services within different environments, such as public and private clouds, on-premises data centers, or AWS edge locations.

IBM AIX is the nucleus that holds many massive enterprise organizations together with their customers. Customer interactions are essential; even the slightest technological interruption could start an enormous ripple effect of immensely adverse effects. It is critical for businesses to maintain stable applications in a reliable, secure environment so customers can count on them at all times. However, companies operating applications with AIX systems must also keep up with technological advancements like cloud computing. Finding a way to move to cloud operating systems such as IBM Power AIX while maintaining current operations is possible with Skytap on Azure. Hosting AIX workloads natively inAzure with Skytap allows companies to transition without rewriting old applications or replacing existing AIX operating systems. Skytap on Azure empowers companies to modernize applications or continue running systems as is on AIX. Known for high performance and efficiency, Skytap on Azure can support demanding AIX workloads and offer all the benefits of cloud scale through on-demand capacity. Migrating to cloud computing using Skytap on Azure for AIX on Azure applications and ongoing computing needs is a cost-effective, efficient solution. Instead of the time and added expense required for adding on-premises hardware to support increasing demands, on-demand, pay-as-you-go capabilities provide seamless, scalable operations.

Skytap On Azure

With Skytap, companies can eliminate the time, spending, and risk of rewriting applications to run in the cloud. Skytap is an infrastructure-as-a-service and the only public cloud service provider purpose-built to migrate and run  traditional operating systems like IBM AIX. Companies of any size, including large enterprise organizations, can use Skytap to migrate AIX to Azure and replicate entire data centers in the cloud. One of the many benefits of Skytap on Azure is the hybrid cloud system combining cloud-based resources with existing on-premises IT infrastructure. A significant aspect of cloud migration and computing includes careful planning to minimize vulnerabilities. During migration, companies transfer sensitive data, and with Skytap on Azure, companies can be confident that operations are secure during migration and for ongoing compliance and security needs in available Skytap on Azure regions. 

Skytap on Azure runs on bare metal in Azure data centers which are independently hosted, and containing various Skytap resources such as environments, templates, or assets. Some resources may be contained in one region, and others may be shared across regional and global account elements. Skytap on Azure is highly secure and enforced by shared responsibility between multiple parties, including Azure, Skytap, and the customer. A range of excellent default and operational security features are available on Skytap. In addition, comprehensive resources include Skytap on Azure documentation about all security features and best practices for use within Skytap environments. Skytap training is available through online courses. Skytap Academy offers various online courses. For example, courses from basics to advanced, including user management and security, are available in addition to many other topics relevant to using Skytap. 

Skytap is a fast, flexible option allowing companies to move at their own pace when it comes to mission-critical operations migrating to the cloud. Enterprise organizations can transition traditional workloads to Azure as is, then integrate with others running natively on Azure. Doing so eliminates the cost and risk associated with rebuilding these applications cloud natively. Using Skytap, IBM AIX workloads can run natively in Azure without rewriting, expediting the transition to the cloud. In addition, Azure provides uninterrupted communication between environments. 

IT teams often face a latency gap between data centers and cloud solutions. Azure hybrid environments empower IT teams to close the gap and expedite network communications throughout the transition while working in on-premise environments and when using cloud-native applications. Skytap on Azure promotes innovation by empowering companies to continue uninterrupted use of traditional on-premise applications while transitioning to cloud computing. The power of Skytap on Azure enables companies to adopt cloud computing by eliminating obstacles previously hindering cloud migration. Established enterprise companies must find a way to migrate to cloud computing while maintaining reliability for customers and company stakeholders. Skytap on Azure provides access to a reliable, flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure with capacity-on-demand capabilities and self-service provisioning.

Skytap On Azure Availability

Skytap on Azure is a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service empowering companies to create, manage, and share virtual machine environments. Cloud computing is something companies of all sizes, including large enterprise organizations, must recognize. Technological advancements demand the transition to cloud computing, while native business-critical applications require a place to continue to run during the transition. Skytap on Azure availability allows companies running on systems like IBM AIX or IBM i (AS/400) to easily transition to the cloud without interrupting critical business processes. With Skytap, AS/400 operating systems can be migrated from on-premise data centers and instead run natively in Azure or IBM Cloud.. A significant advantage of cloud migration is the benefits of application redundancy and its ability to minimize the occurrence of shutdowns. 

When considering cloud services like Azure, does Azure have availability zones like AWS? Skytap on Azure regions are in place to help protect against localized disasters. Skytap on Azure documentation extensively explains region availability. Skytap on Azure provides well-established companies with a secure opportunity to modernize without disrupting operations. In addition, migration to cloud computing improves reliability and availability with improved disaster recovery processes, high availability, and application redundancy to avoid unplanned outages. Scalability is another vital feature of transitioning to cloud computing with services like Skytap on Azure. Immediate scalability offers a significant competitive advantage for companies established on Azure. In the area of security, cloud security is far more advanced than traditional security efforts in IT. 

Skytap on Azure simplifies cloud migration, accelerating cloud migration by helping companies adopt and execute a cloud migration plan. With the availability of Skytap on Azure, companies can migrate traditional applications running on systems like IBM AIX or IBM i (AS/400) with minimal disruption in customer-facing or internal business operations. Cloud migration is imperative for businesses today. Many companies face the challenge of successfully migrating to cloud operations while supporting their customers and employees through migration. Quickly transitioning existing applications to the cloud is integral to successful cloud migration. 

Skytap on Azure empowers companies to support customers and employees during the migration process and through scalable growth after migration. Skytap training is available through easily accessible online courses and extensive Skytap on Azure documentation. Companies can decide if moving as a cloud-native transition by designing all new applications replacing legacy software is the best choice or if moving “as-is” directly to Azure will better serve migration goals. Skytap on Azure empowers these choices by offering the ability to move applications and workloads as-is to the cloud. This often works as a great first step to a longer-term cloud modernization strategy. 

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