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Instructor-Led Training Labs

Instructor-led training labs are labs that are led by instructors. As opposed to self-paced labs, which can be completed on learners’ own time, instructor-led labs generally meet on certain days at certain times. Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a type of instructor-led training in which groups meet online rather than in-person. VILT group programs have become especially popular in recent years as more and more companies have shifted to online and hybrid work models. With more people working remotely, businesses are seeking innovative training programs, which VILT offers. Learning what VILT means can be a great way to learn more about the diverse training programs available today and how they differ from one another. 

It’s important, however, to understand ILT vs. elearning. Instructor-led training is always led by an instructor, whereas general elearning offers greater flexibility in terms of how students complete course material. Most elearning programs don’t have a set timeline for completion—learners can move at their own pace, whether it takes them a week to complete training, or a year. ILT VILT, by contrast, tends to be more rigid in terms of how and when learners participate in the program. Nonetheless, it is a great option for those that require additional guidance as they move through their training.

VILT may also be ideal for learners who wish to engage with other learners on a regular basis. Standard elearning and self-paced training programs allow for minimal interaction between learners, but VILT generally involves a great deal of collaboration. Learners don’t just learn from their instructors but can communicate with peers to gain a more robust understanding of the training material and get on track to becoming proficient in whatever skill they are trying to develop. For this reason, VILT programs are typically preferred by large organizations with multiple employees. They help keep everybody on the same page and allow for better communication between all parties involved.

Skytap’s Virtual IT Labs allow users to provide both instructor-led and self-paced training, giving learners the flexibility they need to succeed in their respective roles. Learning styles vary from person to person, so it’s important to meet each person where they’re at, and Skytap enables organizations to do just that. By working with Skytap, you can reduce training costs, scale your resources, and access what you need when you need it to avoid overspending on tools and software that you’ll never use. Skytap makes it convenient to train people no matter their preferred training method or where they’re located.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Meaning

Understanding “virtual instructor-led training” meaning and why virtual training is important is crucial to understanding the various types of online instruction that exist today and ultimately choosing the program that’s right for your organization. There are many benefits of virtual instructor-led training; chief among these is the ability to interact with instructors in real-time. Other types of online programs allow for instructor access, but programs that are actually led by experts open the door to numerous opportunities for learners, granting them immediate access to a trove of expertise. 

VILT also helps keep learners aligned on common objectives, which is why many organizations favor instructor-led programs over self-paced training. Rather than having learners complete training material on vastly different timelines, they can move through the program together, hitting milestones at the same time, asking questions around the same material, and resolving whatever issues may arise in the course of their learning. Still, self-paced training may be the best option for learners that are adamant about completing training material on their own time. Everyone learns differently, so businesses should be mindful of the needs of each employee.

Instructor-led training provided during COVID-19, both face-to-face and virtually, made it possible for a variety of learners, regardless of location, to receive helpful training in the way that best suited them. Even as the pandemic abates, learners are increasingly seeking programs that work for their unique learning styles. While VILT can be advantageous for some—namely, those that prefer to learn directly from another—it can prove challenging for others, which is why it’s important for companies to offer different types of training based on individual and group learning styles. 

One of the major downsides to VILT is that it can limit learners on tight schedules. For instance, if you are required to work on other things for most of the day, having to meet for an instructor-led training program on a certain day and at a set time can create an unnecessary hassle. Some learners, particularly those that are advanced, may even feel hindered by an instructor-led program. Similarly, learners that require a lot of one-on-one attention may struggle to keep up with a group VILT program. Carefully weighing instructor-led training advantages and disadvantages can empower you to make the best decision for your business. 

Virtual Training Labs

Virtual training labs provide a sandbox-type learning environment, allowing users to play around with various tools and solutions in a controlled way. Many businesses use this kind of virtual lab environment to train employees on new tools and software without compromising real workflows. For example, suppose you’re implementing a new solution for customer support. In that case, your employees can play around with the new software within the lab before actually using it in their day-to-day jobs. By becoming familiar with the software ahead of time in a controlled space, employees will be better equipped to tackle real-life challenges that may arise with the solution.

IT practice labs are especially useful for budding IT professionals that want to experiment with different tools and software before diving headfirst into their workflows. While virtual IT training may be less than ideal for some, it can be a great option for those that desire greater flexibility with their training. Rather than having to meet in-person at a specified date and time, they can log onto the training platform wherever they happen to be working. Virtual IT labs software brings learners together, no matter where they’re located, and helps them develop the skills they need to effectively carry out their job-related duties. 

When looking for the best virtual labs, it’s important to outline your specific needs and goals. What type of training do you want to offer? What does your budget look like? Do you plan to offer ILT, self-paced training, or a combination of the two? Deciding what you plan on looking for ahead of time can help you narrow your options and filter through training programs to find the best fit for your organization. This is essential to providing quality training to your employees and ensuring that they leave with a robust understanding of target concepts. Today, there are more virtual training options available than ever before, and this can make choosing the right program harder than it needs to be. 

However, by clearly defining your needs, you can make an informed decision and help employees reach their learning goals. If you are a small business with limited training needs, for instance, you might consider free virtual IT labs. These can be great for those that would like some basic training tools, but are otherwise capable of self-managing their training programs. On the other hand, if you plan on having your employees complete an extensive training program, you should look for more advanced software capable of supporting multiple learning styles. These software suites enable a variety of training tools and techniques and are best utilized by organizations that deal with particularly complex products. Choosing the right training lab for your business is crucial to achieving desired outcomes.

Virtual Instructor Led Training Certification

If you’re thinking of becoming a virtual instructor, it’s a good idea to complete a virtual instructor-led training certification program. By doing so, you will not only acquire critical skills for leading students, but also demonstrate your competence in your area of expertise. Virtual instructors can become certified in a number of ways. Online training courses are among the most popular—and convenient—paths to certification. The great thing about completing an online training program is that you can typically work at your own pace, meaning that even if you’re busy during the day, you can participate in the program in the evening or on weekends.

Some virtual training platforms for businesses offer VILT certification programs as well. It’s worth checking with your organization or specific training platform to see what they provide in terms of instructor certification. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to VILT certification, so you may have to shop around and experiment with different platforms to find the program that’s right for you. It’s important to choose a program that’s closely aligned with your long-term career goals, as this can enable future growth, even once you’ve completed the training program.

ISACA is an international professional association that offers IT training, including programs for CISA, CRISC, and CISM. Completing an ISACA certification program can be hugely beneficial to those entering the IT space. If you’re hoping to become a Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer, for example, you can complete the CDPSE program to learn more about this aspect of IT and demonstrate your knowledge around privacy laws and regulations within tech environments. There are many different ISACA courses to choose from, so no matter what your specific area of interest in IT, you should be able to find something that meets your needs.

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