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Online Employee Training Platform

In all kinds of businesses, there is one thing that nearly all of them have in common–employee training. Not only do you have to hire employees, but you must train them so that they know how to perform their job effectively and efficiently. However, traditional on-the-job, in-person, or classroom training can be a hassle for management, who have more vital tasks to spend time on. Furthermore, in-person employee training can be time-consuming, expensive, and limiting. For this reason, many businesses have turned to using an online employee training platform for their training needs.

Virtual employee training platforms can save businesses time and money, but it is important to use the right tools. Learning and development platforms vary greatly in their usefulness and suitability for each particular business. Some platforms might be expensive or complicated to use. Even if a business wanted to use a free employee training software program, the instructor would have to learn how to use that software and how to develop a training course, which would only take more time, not less.

Employee Training Software

When considering an online employee training platform, there are several choices to choose from, including using existing platforms within the cloud. Corporate training platforms, for example, are often comprehensive, possibly located in the cloud, and can be a good choice for large businesses that need to train many employees consistently. The downside to these platforms is that they can create new learning curves for instructors and management as they have to grapple with an entirely new set of programs and tools. Additionally, they can be expensive, especially in comparison to the cost your business is handling if you are already using other platforms to accomplish training goals.

Some businesses that have fewer employees or do not have as great of a need for extensive employee training might find that free training software for employees is all they need. The issue with free software choices is that they may not offer the kind of flexibility and tools you may need. Most businesses will also want the ability to have live training sessions via virtual meeting rooms in training software. Free choices will often not have the capability to offer this.

Training Tools for Employees

Businesses that are using training tools currently are most likely harnessing the powers of their LMS as well as other platforms, such as Zoom or Skype, for training everyone in the organization. While this can be effective in the short term, it may not be comprehensive enough or specific enough for the long-term success of your training programs. For example, using Zoom and an online LMS as training tools might be just fine for specific use cases, but these tools do not offer the capabilities that in-person and interactive online platforms can offer, such as hands-on training, interactive questionnaires, and virtual labs.

If interactive training tools are something your business needs, which is fairly likely given the increasingly specific and complex nature of many management and employee positions in companies, there are a few different options. Performing thorough research into the various choices before choosing one is critical. If you simply look up the top 5 training tools for employees and start using them, you could find yourself using too many tools, not having enough flexibility in creating training programs, and spending too much time or money on them.

Likewise, many of the tools recommended on the web will be geared toward start-ups and very small businesses and will have titles like “free online training tools” or “free online training platforms for employees.” While the word “free” is tempting, it usually means potentially compromised security measures, limited features, and a lack of control over the platform. These are significant issues and offset the free nature of the tools.

Training Software Platforms

As mentioned above, training software applications for businesses vary from free options with limited features to expensive corporate training software. But, the best online training software is one that works for your business’s needs. In other words, you have to find the tool that works for you, not just the one that gets the most reviews or upvotes. Finding the right tool among all the employee training software platforms out there can be difficult. However, with the right strategy and a knowledge of what your business needs and already uses, you can find the best training software easily.

The most important thing to consider when searching for a tool is whether the tool is designed to help instructors train employees or if it is meant to train them to use some specific program. Using the right keywords and performing research is the only way to find the appropriate tool for training employees or training management. Software choices or lists of the best ones that use words like “software training programs” or “software training examples” are not what you are looking for, as these will come up with training programs designed to educate people on how to use specific software. Instead, you want to find interactive training software that gives companies a platform for designing employee training programs for recruits. 

Online Employee Training Platform with Skytap Virtual IT Labs

Skytap Virtual IT Labs allows businesses to create instructor-led or self-guided training labs. Furthermore, Skytap is one of the few online employee training platforms that give businesses full visibility and control over their programs so that you can customize your training programs to your needs. Unlike traditional employee training, Skytap is a key that unlocks all the advantages of virtual learning for training, including flexibility, global cloud-based access, reduced costs, and scalability.

Skytap gives companies a way to create scalable, customized training solutions for employees in a cloud-based platform. Furthermore, Skytap works with your existing platforms, so you can create virtual classrooms with administrative tools that support your LMS. Learn more about Skytap Virtual IT Labs here.

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