Virtual IT Labs 

Virtual IT labs are cloud-based training programs that allow learners to interact with the same type of development tools that they will experience in the real world but in a controlled environment. Virtual lab software is often used by companies to train employees on new tools and software without impacting actual applications. It can also be used to improve customer support, as well as to train partners, suppliers and current and prospective customers. Virtual IT labs provide an excellent opportunity for trainees to experiment with new tools and software without messing up any existing programs.

When searching for the best virtual labs, there are a number of things to consider. First, you should outline your budget and determine how much you want to spend on each individual learner or your learning program as a whole. If you’re okay working within a more limited sandbox, you might consider free virtual IT labs. On the other hand, if you require something more extensive, you should look at more advanced software. In addition to the budget, you should determine the type of program you want to put learners through and what skills you want them to leave with. Defining your goals is the best way to choose the software that’s right for your company.

It can also be helpful to narrow your options by industry. For example, some platforms are better suited for IT; others are specifically targeted at telecommunications, computer software, healthcare, and so on. Finally, you should decide how you want to experience the learning program. Some software provides in-group trainings, while other platforms cater more to individual learners. No two businesses have the exact same needs, so it’s important to take this into account when choosing virtual IT labs. Just because a lab is highly-rated does not necessarily mean it’s going to be the best option for your organization.

Skytap’s virtual IT training labs allow users to create virtual classrooms to train employees, partners, and even prospective and current customers. Whether you’re looking to create an instructor-led or self-paced training, Skytap makes it easy to deliver high-quality training environments to those you work with, creating virtual training labs for those with a wide range of needs using a single platform. Skytap offers scalable pricing so that you can access the training resources you need without paying for additional tools that you’ll never use.

Virtual IT Labs Software

Virtual IT labs software is used to deliver training resources for a variety of learners. Most organizations use it to train employees and partners on new products and software, allowing them to experience products in a sandbox prior to working with them in the real world. For example, virtual IT practice labs allow users to build their digital skill sets within a contained, risk-free environment. A virtual lab environment offers the perfect opportunity for learners to better understand tools and software and then develop the skills to apply those tools elsewhere. Virtual IT labs, then, can be thought of as virtual classrooms for IT professionals, pre-sales engineers, sales team members, and others wanting to expand on their software skills.

One of the primary benefits of virtual IT lab software is that it allows learners to work with the same tools they’ll be using in the real world, but in a more forgiving environment. Virtual IT labs aren’t necessarily watered down simulations, but practical, realistic learning environments that utilize real tools to interact with real products. The goal is to create a workshop that’s as similar to the scenarios that learners will encounter on the job as possible. This is key to setting them up for both short-term and long-term success in their respective roles. Virtual IT lab software is also useful for training partners, vendors, prospects and customers.

As discussed previously, there are many things you should consider when trying to decide between virtual IT lab platforms. Some platforms offer the tools and resources to help get users up and running immediately, while others allow them to create their own training materials. It’s important to assess the needs and goals of your learners to determine what type of platform may be right for them and how you can best equip them with the skills they need to succeed in the field. As the demand for virtual IT labs software grows, more and more options enter the market, so you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

Practice labs pricing varies depending on the platform and tools offered. Some platforms, like Skytap, offer flexible pricing options, allowing users to pay only for the tools they actually use. This can be a good option for businesses that want to save on the cost of training materials without compromising on their specific learning needs.

Virtual Network Labs

Virtual network labs provide a safe, educational space in which learners can experiment with various tools, test ideas, and collaborate with peers. With a network lab simulator you can provision infrastructures and see how different tools interact with each other. Network labs are rising in popularity thanks to their ease of use and realistic simulations. Rather than throwing new employees headfirst into a new software platform, you can equip them with the skills they need ahead of time with online network simulator practice.

There are many different types of networking labs online. Some, for instance, can be used within training departments to train new employees. Other labs are best suited for students that are just getting started with the basics. Organizations can benefit from virtual network labs in a myriad of ways. They can not only use them to train employees, but can also demonstrate new tools and solutions to their business partners. A virtual lab for networking can open many doors and get business leaders, students, and others connected to experts who can then train them on valuable material. 

If you are unsure about virtual labs or are still trying to decide whether or not a program like this is right for your business, many platforms offer demos to give potential clients a better idea of how the software works and how it can be used to benefit those within their organization. Sampling the software before you buy it is a great way to ensure that you find the right platform for your business—it can also help you eliminate tools and software types that are not compatible with your preferred learning style. 

Choosing between software can be difficult, especially for those that have never worked with a virtual lab before, but there are plenty of resources available to help you find the perfect solution for your organization. Searching for the best virtual IT labs will bring up a list of helpful results. These often include filtering tools so that users can more easily search for platforms that meet their desired criteria. Each business is unique, and each individual learner has their own unique learning style, for that matter, so it’s important to consider both individual learners and your organization as a whole when choosing a lab.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Labs

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) labs are labs that are led by instructors. Unlike self-paced programs, which you can complete on your own time, instructor-led labs typically meet online at a certain date and time and follow a more structured learning path. VILT may be ideal for learners seeking a guided approach to training material, whereas self-paced courses are best for those that want the freedom and flexibility to complete training at their own pace and in their own way.

There are multiple types of VILT training programs. Some programs are led by a single instructor, while others utilize additional instructors to give learners more one-on-one attention. VILT can benefit organizations in a number of ways. First, they provide a platform in which learners can come together and learn from the experts, collaborating to share skills and demonstrate what they have learned. These programs are great for learners that require instructor-student interaction to get the most out of their training. 

While self-paced or self-taught training programs are a good option for advanced learners or those that are otherwise capable of finding resources on their own, instructor-led programs are especially helpful for those that are just getting started with a particular tool or subject. Rather than attempting to get through the material on your own—and possibly messing up in the process—you can receive expert guidance to ensure that everything is completed correctly and on time. This is critical when dealing with software or any other type of online program.

Skytap allows organizations to offer both instructor-led and self-paced training, giving the, and their respective learners the flexibility they need to succeed with their training program. Best of all, you can provision virtual classrooms without professional IT support. Skytap makes it easy for users of all types to create the learning programs that are most beneficial to the people they work with, whether those are independent learners that want to move through the training at their own pace, or beginners that prefer instructor-led training. With Skytap you can scale your resources to deliver helpful, cost-effective training solutions.

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