3-Minute Video & Demo: Virtual Training Labs

Fall is the time some of us think about back-to-school activities. But here at Skytap, we’re thinking about the Education Services groups that teach hands-on software to employees and partners using Virtual Training Labs, or “Classrooms-in-a-Box.” So we just did this 3-Minute video that will give you a quick overview and a little demonstration of Skytap Virtual Training Labs.

Self-paced training should allow employees to absorb training on their own time, by letting them launch and run their own personal labs from anywhere, and shut them down when they are no longer being utilized. That’s a high bar for most conventional training infrastructures to meet. Provisioning of IT resources alone can become too costly and time-consuming to scale appropriately to reach more students. Even if there is a self-service “private cloud” option for hosting training environments in the datacenter, the network bandwidth required for delivering a quality training experience can get consumed very quickly with just a few simultaneous sessions.

We’ve been paying attention to this space with several key developments geared toward software training groups. We’re collaborating with some of our best Training solution customers this week and gaining insight on how they currently use cloud-based virtual labs to automate and scale their training environments at a new level, and hear what could help them improve their delivery capabilities even further. More from these sessions coming soon.


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