Agile Development Teams: An Infrastructure Checklist

The goal of agile development is to shift from a long and inflexible development process to a shorter, more collaborative process that enables the shipping of software more frequently. To truly be successful, agile development teams need the following from their development and test lab infrastructure:

Self-service Provisioning and On-Demand Scalability

Software development teams need to be able to create, change, deploy, copy, re-create, delete, and change development and test lab environments on demand, without IT assistance—in addition to being able to scale environments up and down easily.

Library of Virtual Datacenter Templates

Software development teams need to create a consistent version of the current release stack, prior release stacks, and customer-specific variations as templates. Within a few minutes after a hot fix issue is reported, teams should be able to create a new environment that matches the appropriate release scenario to reproduce the issue, fix it, test it, and deploy the new code.​

Complex Bug Capture and Reproduction

QA and support teams need to easily create, snapshot, and clone complex, multi-tier environments when a complicated bug is identified. They should be able to capture and quickly recreate complex environments, including all memory and state information, so that relevant development team resources can work to identify root cause and develop a fix, while the QA team moves forward with additional testing.

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