All Onboard: Learn at the new Skytap Academy!

This week, Skytap’s help and documentation team launched Skytap Academy—a new site with free courses that teach you how to build, use, and manage virtual environments in Skytap. Each new training course contains a series of short, 3-to-5 minute videos, along with exercises and links to more detailed supporting documentation from our help and documentation site.





To make Skytap training easy to fit into your schedule, we’ve made Skytap Academy available 24/7 as an on-demand training site. Additionally, we’ve broken each course down into lessons that you can tackle as you have time to learn.









Each of our three main courses covers a different part of Skytap, so you can pick and choose the courses that are most relevant to you:

  • Working in Skytap
    This course covers the basic information you need to get started in Skytap, including how to create new virtual environments, how to share access with co-workers inside and outside of Skytap, how to create templates, and how to monitor and control your storage and SVM usage.
  • Administering Skytap
    This course expands on the Working in Skytap course to cover unique account management skills that administrators need, like setting account policies, monitoring and controlling account-wide usage, creating and managing users, and troubleshooting common issues.
  • Mastering Skytap
    This course builds on the Working in Skytap course to dig deeper into customizing environments and improving your workflow.









Skytap Academy is designed to teach new customers about Skytap, but it’s also great for:

  • Training new employees
    As you bring new employees into your organization, Skytap Academy’s Working in Skytap course can help them get up-to-speed on how to create, edit, and manage virtual environments.
  • Promoting users to administrators
    Skytap administrators have special access to management features like reports, account settings, groups, and departments. With the Administering Skytap course, new administrators can learn how to use these new features and incorporate best practices for organizing users, groups, and departments.
  • Learning about advanced features in Skytap
    Existing users can learn more about advanced networking and built-in automation tools in the Mastering Skytap Course.

To get started, visit and try out our Working in Skytap course.

Have suggestions for new courses and lessons you’d like to see? Contact us at


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