Application Modernization in Full Swing at ADP [podcast]

DockerCon17 featured a number of container adoption success stories, and we got the opportunity to sit down with one of Docker’s biggest customers, ADP, to learn more about how containers fit into their application modernization journey.

Application Modernization ContainersADP Chief Strategic Architect, Jim Ford, presented a session titled, “One year and 1000+ Containers Later at ADP” where he detailed the company’s rapid adoption of containers, so we wanted to know how ADP decides not only what makes for a great candidate for containerization, as well as what doesn’t and will remain outside. Says Ford:

From my point of view, your web and app tiers are very much available to move into containers and become more fluid and more dynamic. But your persistence layer where you have a petabyte of data or more is probably going to stay anchored to something that is more than likely in your data center or on-premises.

Ford has a lot of honest points of view on when application modernization initiatives make sense, and how to avoid initiatives that only introduce unnecessary added complexity to an already complex application stack. We hope you enjoy this episode of The Skytap Podcast!

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