Best Practices for Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Today we’re revisiting our series on the topic of choosing a cloud service provider. Many cloud providers have a hands-off approach to partnering with customers—so Alex Burreson, our West Coast Sales Manager, has provided his list of key questions to ask and successful habits to employ when making this crucial decision for your organization. There are several use cases for cloud services and Alex has broken down his advice for three of them:

Development and Testing

We’re seeing a slow and systematic shift to outsource certain parts of corporate IT to the cloud. This shift to cloud computing means the market is flush with cloud providers. With so many options to choose from, it becomes even more important to understand your requirements and find the provider that best suits your needs. Read the full article on Development and Testing

Virtual Training

Many training organizations are being forced to do more with less. Customers have chosen not to travel to remote training facilities and have instead opted for less training or more cost-effective approaches. And of the more cost-effective approaches, one of the most viable options has become virtual training through cloud computing. Read the full article on Virtual Training

Sales Demos and Evaluations

Complexity and sheer volume can make showcasing your software on your laptop or in-house lab nearly impossible. And giving customers access to your software during an evaluation—without traveling or installing the software on-site—is equally as challenging. Due to these forces, software vendors are increasingly leveraging cloud computing to resolve their dilemma. Read the full article on Software Demos and Evaluations

If you have questions about choosing a cloud provider, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alex or any of our Skytap Cloud experts. You can also leave comments and questions below, or contact us @Skytap on Twitter.

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