CAN-Toronto Makes Seven Skytap Datacenters

News today from Toronto, where Skytap just launched a seventh cloud datacenter (CAN-Toronto) in Toronto, Canada. Read the press release here:

Skytap Delivers New Cloud Datacenter in Toronto, Canada
Offers businesses a production-ready Canadian cloud service uniquely optimized for enterprise software development and modernization

Besides providing lower latency and less distance to cover for some customers in Canada, this news is significant because Canada takes privacy very seriously when it comes to the handling and sharing of data such as contact information.

Companies doing business in Canada are familiar with PIPEDA, or the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This set of laws governs the standards for how personal information including health, employment, credit and contact data is used and reported on by private sector companies.

In addition to Canadian national law, there are industry-specific regulations and guidelines for data handling, including data sovereignty. So for instance, if you were delivering a service that handles financial data in Canada, you would want to make sure that the sample and test data being used by development and QA teams stays within the borders of Canada.

Here’s a map showing the current 7 cloud datacenter locations and their corresponding Skytap region names:

skytap datacenter region map

Having more datacenters increases Skytap’s global footprint, and helps us meet growth opportunities with new cloud regions where customers demand them most.

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